Trekker Treats entered the burgeoning personal webpage scene on May 14, 1998, after several months of blood, sweat, tears and more than a few $&%#^& words and sleepless nights. I'd been writing VOY fanfiction for over a year and my growing library needed a "home". I blush and cringe when looking back at those early products but you gotta start somewhere! Hopefully, the writing and other skills have improved over these years. But history is history so they remain, in all their not-so-stellar glory. {Groan}

Soon other "features" joined the stories and I had a lot of fun expanding the pages: captioned screen caps, fiddles, "demotivational" posters, puzzles, con reports with pictures and many other activities. As with the writing, the early attempts with images are grainy and rather sophomoric. Sadly, some links no longer work, as the content is lost somewhere in cyberspace and not on my back-ups.

In 2008, the J/C Picture of the Day for Trekker Treats was introduced and I had great pleasure in hosting screen caps and fiddles by several talented ladies with this daily posting. I "retired" from these posts this year due to increasing RL demands and the general slow-down that frequently comes with age, even though I don't really consider my 71+ years as being "old" -- ha, ha!

I plan to keep the site going and hope to write every once in awhile. I need a "Z"-titled story to allow me to say that I've done a story for every letter of the alphabet. In fact, I'd hoped to have that story done for this celebratory posting but it just never made it. There might be a few fiddles along the way, too.

The good news is that new and exciting VOY fanfic writers pop up almost daily. You can find their works at such places as, Pathfinder and VoyagerWiki.

I'd like to thank everyone who has encouraged me over the years. It's your support that keeps inspiring me and keeps the site going -- you'll never know how much I appreciate you.

As a bit of celebration, I've cobbled together a few puzzles, as they are one of my favorite activities. ;-) Here's hoping you find some fun here, too. The offerings contain five from Camryn's marvelous fiddles and one for each season of "Voyager".

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