10. monkee wishes for Paris and Torres to become interesting. Actually, I don't wish for P/T at all, but since I already know from the spoilers that we'll be seeing a lot of them, I want to at least see something worth watching. They haven't been exciting since 'Blood Fever,' and that was way back in the third season. These are two wonderful and complicated characters - DO something with that! They are Voyager's token couple - show us a fully fleshed out adult relationship that doesn't diminish either of them. I don't want to see Torres fetching Paris any more beer.

9. monkee wishes that Janeway will be a hero when all is said and done. I love Janeway truly, madly and deeply, and I don't really want her to get in trouble for any of her actions in the Delta Quadrant. She was in an impossible position out there, and, so far, the only time she's really blatantly lost it is during the Equinox incident. Give the woman a break! On the other hand, when I'm feeling reasonable, I can see that it might be interesting to explore this just a bit. She had no one to answer to for so long...I might like to see how she handles Starfleet's questions and criticisms, as long as she's exonerated in the end.

8. monkee wishes for consistent quality from here on in. There isn't much time left - only 26 more episodes. Pull out all the stops and make each one of them count. A slam-bang final season will go a long way towards alleviating some of the criticism Voyager has received. I, for one, am going to treasure every episode this season - I don't want to see any that suck. I want to give AT LEAST six episodes a 9.5 or higher. I want the season average to be close to 9.0.

7. monkee wishes for continuity. Of course I should get this wish, since the show is ending and presumably they'll want to bring it full circle. But I want more than superficial continuity. I want them to bring back some of the elements from the earliest seasons. I want to hear about the Maquis/Starfleet differences, then and now. I want to hear about their early struggles. They need to make us remember the basic premise of this show and tie it all together with the end. There was a rumor that there might be an episode about Seska’s child - this is the sort of thing I'm talking about. That would be great! Get rid of those Borg kids and spend the season concentrating on OUR crew and all of their issues.

6. monkee wishes (pointlessly, I might add) for LESS SEVEN! I'm thinking, actually, that may not be too far-fetched in this, the final season. I'm thinking they're going to have so many loose ends to tie up, they'll be forced against their collective will to have less Seven. I only want to see Seven featured in 1/9th of the episodes not dedicated to the final arc. No more, no less.

5. monkee wishes to see Janeway fight for the Maquis, and win. Personally, I, like Janeway, don't see why the Maquis should be an issue at all. After all, they sacrificed their ship for Voyager and have served it faithfully for seven years. But all signs point to it being an issue, and I can live with that. That will give Janeway and the other Voyager Fleeters to fight for them, which would be touching.

4. monkee wishes that they would spend the season concentrating on character, and not special effects. These wonderful characters deserve some final development and closure. I'd love to see more of (almost) any of them, so long as they are meaningful character moments. Particular pairings that I'd like to see more of: Janeway and Torres, Janeway and Tuvok, Janeway and Chakotay (obviously), Chakotay and Paris, Chakotay and Neelix.hell, almost any pairing of people - and groups of people, too. Kim, Torres and Paris, for example. If you want us to remember and care about this show, show us the people!

3. monkee wishes that Voyager would get home - no clever tricks, please. There are good arguments, I know, for keeping the ship stranded in the Delta Quadrant - the adventure would continue, it would be better for the show for posterity, etc. But I think the ship has to get home. It's been Janeway's goal from the first episode, and I'd feel cheated if it didn't happen. The entire theme of the show was the journey home, if they're planning on ending the show here, and I think they are - no movies are planned - then they have to have an ending to the story. Unless they have something up their sleeve - like a TV movie, which has never been tried - I think Voyager should have a triumphant return to the Alpha Quadrant.

2. monkee does NOT want Janeway to die. Monkee doesn't want ANYONE to die. No, no, no! This I could not accept. Janeway is absolutely the heart and soul of this show - kill her, and you kill the series. It would be a horrible mistake. I think they'd lose viewers for the fifth series if they tried this, I really do. Now I know her drive to get her ship and crew home has been a recurring theme, but they can explore that in other ways. Let her get home and be a triumphant hero, let her fight for her people and win, let her have a happy ending - she's earned it, Dammit! Janeway MUST live, and furthermore, so must everyone else. Killing someone off is such a cliché - must they stoop that low? Let's hope not.

And monkee's number 1 wish for season 7?

Do you really have to ask?

Is this really a great mystery?

drumroll, please...

1. monkee wishes for J/C !!!!!!! (Aw, come on, was that a big surprise?) I want Janeway and Chakotay to admit, on screen, to some deeper feelings for each other. And I want them to kiss. That is all I ask! Is that so difficult? I don't think so. Just leave them, when all is said and done, with hope for a future together. A new beginning to mark the end of the Voyager adventure...they both deserve it, and they both want it - no matter how much TPTB have tried to convince us otherwise, we KNOW it's still there. Give Janeway and Chakotay a happy ending and that will leave us all (well, many of us, anyway) with a good feeling for the show until the end of time.

Now, with the 7th season premier of Voyager just 3 short days away, all we can do is sit back and wait. Will we hate the final season? Will we love it? Will we remember Voyager fondly, or will it fade away with a whimper? Only time will tell...stay tuned...

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