(Various ratings from PG to R)

by Delta Story
August 2007


Janeway gripped the edge of her desk. “I appreciate your concern, Tuvok, but it’s my decision.”

Tuvok remained staunch and stoical. “And I am coming to you as your friend, Captain. I just thought I should warn you.”

“I realize that Chakotay does things a bit unorthodox, but he seems driven and committed. I believe I can win him over.”

Tuvok’s eyes became dark and hard. “Just as every other woman he’s ever been with has thought. Trust me, Captain – he will take what he wants then leave you.”

“Who says I won’t get what I want first?” Janeway smirked.


Midnight… Seven entered the darkened messhall. A lone figure sat in the far corner, head lowered. Was this Chakotay? She’d promised to meet him here. She drew closer – it was the Captain.

“Captain?” the Borg queried, noting tears staining her face. “Are you hurt? Injured? Should I summon the doctor?”

“Not this time.”

Seven observed an uneven tone in Janeway’s voice. “But you appear… damaged. I have never seen you shed tears before.”

“A broken heart will do that,” the captain said bitterly.

Shock shook Seven. “Who would break your heart?”

“You… and him,” Janeway lamented softly.

Then Seven cried.


You do know that you have given new meaning to the words ‘staff meeting’, don’t you? I’m beginning to run out of words to require your private presence at the end of our daily senior crew meetings: “A moment of your time, Commander”; “Oh – one more thing, Commander…” “I’d like a word with you, Chakotay”… surely they’re getting suspicious!

But nothing gets my day going like the thrill of your touch – not even a cup of the best raktajino – and nothing jolts my adrenalin like our hurried trysts! One day, we’ll have to try the sofa rather than my desk…


“Thanks for offering to help me,” Kathryn said as Chakotay entered the room.

“No problem! It shouldn’t take us long to try a few new positions,” he smiled. “Nothing to it really – it’s just a matter of getting the axis and angle right and letting the auto-glider take over.”

“What about the software input? Is it up-to-date?”

“Tilt, angle, focus – whatever you want, I’ll be able to satisfy you, although some handwork might be necessary to firm things up.”

“Well, that’s something I can probably do,” she smirked.

“Okay then – let’s open the dome and getting this telescope into action!”


“What can I do to help?” Chakotay asked as Kathryn set the table.

“How about making a salad? I always keep some fixings in the refrigerator unit.”

Chakotay opened the small keeper and pulled out the inventory he saw. “Let’s see – you have carrots, a couple of cucumbers, a zucchini and a daikon… interesting selection of vegetables you have here, Kathryn. Strange – they all look a bit battered and bruised.”

She turned to him with a knowing smile. “Oh, they’ll be fine after they’re washed and peeled. Trust me – with a light dressing of olive oil, they work just fine!”

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