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My stories stories fall into two categories: PG/PG-13 and NC-17. Since I'm is no longer a kid, my stories tend to be of a more mature nature. I don't get into violence that much, so you know what the NC-17 means!

With this in mind, the NC-17 list is meant only for consenting adults older than 18 years. I've warned you, and any trespassing into that area past this point is not my responsibility.


Sugar and spice, and a lot that's nice!


  • One is the Loneliest Number (PG-13)June 1997
    Janeway's fear of intimacy is revealed, as Chakotay gently peels away the concealing layers of self-control and guilt.
    N.B. -- This is my first story, and as such, it contains all the first-story cliches: the stuck-in-the-turbolift-scene; the one-of-them-is-injured scene; and, of course, a Chakotay story!

  • Getting the Ending Right (PG-13) July 1997
    Janeway is presented with three scenarios regarding the love of her life. Will the final ending re-create events in history, or create history of its own?

  • Lux Eterna (PG-13) September 1997
    Tuvok's final farewell to Kes.

  • Dinner with Seven (PG-13) October 1997
    Seven of Nine discovers that mealtime is for more than the assimilation of food.

  • That Was a River (PG-13)October 1997
    Prequel/sequel to "Dinner with Seven" -- all the missing Janeway/Chakotay parts...

  • Ghosts (PG-13)October 1997
    A flight of fancy into the fantasy of past and future -- and Janeway and Chakotay, of course!

  • Bathtub Party Day (PG-13) December 1997
    An annual day of fun and games for all!

  • The Twelve Days of Christmas, ala J/C (PG-13)December 1997
    An olde Christmas song with new lyrics.

  • Even Starfleet Captains Get the Blues (PG-13)January 1998
    Janeway has a karma crash.

  • Love Games (PG-13) February 1998
    The Captain receives mysterious gifts via intra-ship transports.

  • The Trouble with Harry(PG-13) March 1998
    Harry Kim and Lt. Farber play a game of hide and seek with a young stowaway on Voyager. The game turns into another kind of game...

  • Her Way (PG-13) May 1998
    A Voyager version of the DS9 episode, "His Way". Ah... we can dream, can't we?

  • Cat Fight (PG-13) May 1998
    Just what you think it might be: Janeway and Seven... you knew it was coming!

  • Fallen Flowers (PG-13) June 1998
    The Voyager crew visits Valpora, a peaceful planet with a violent history. The story of Valpora's people helps Kathryn Janeway to better understand her own past. ** Written as a challenge piece, based on the Steve McDonald song, "Fallen Flowers" from his album, STONE OF DESTINY

  • When We're Fifty-Nine (PG-13) June 1998
    Happily ever after always takes some tender loving care...

  • The Last Place God Made (PG-13) November 1998
    "Now abide faith, hope and love... but the greatest of these is love."

  • After All These Years (PG-13) November 1998
    A short, schmaltzy story written with the lyrics to this song. A nice reflective piece.

  • Happy Lady! (PG-13) March 1999
    A compilation of things to cheer our Captain...

  • Coffee & Mom(PG-13) March 1999
    A challenge story for JetC 17 and the 1001 group from August and Sheena --- Write a story that starts out: "I had coffee with your mom; she seemed glad to see me."

  • At Least I Get to Say Goodbye (PG-13) April 1999
    Delta's "maiden" RESOLUTIONS story --- with an ending that hasn't been written before... guaranteed!

  • Top Ten Ways Voyager Would Be Different If the Crew Were from Washington DC...
    (PG-13) June 1999
    The secret is out --- Delta is from the Washington DC area. This is a little cynical "take" based on her many years of living in the area; take it all with a grain of salt! ;-)

  • All I Ask of You
    (PG-13) June 1999
    Another take on a sappy song. This story is a smaltzy take on the famous song from "Phantom of the Opera". Don't blame me if you're humming this for the rest of the day!

  • Cosmic Match
    (PG-13) October 1998
    A surrealistic chess game, involving a battle of wits of the Voyager and Maquis crews. See if you can identify all of the players! Written as part of "1001 Voyager Nights"

  • A Janeway/Chakotay Wedding and Honeymoon Album
    (PG-13) June 1999
    The items portrayed on these pages are lovingly adapted from the July 5, 1999 issue of "People" magazine, in which Kate Mulgrew and her new hubby, Tim Hagen, are pictured and quoted. It was too good to pass up playing with! ;-) btw... Don't forget to sign the happy couple's wedding guestbook, along with some other famous guests!

  • Sacrifice (PG-13) August 1999
    A severed relationship opens up another one for Kathryn Janeway.

  • The Privilege Circle
    (PG-13) August 1999
    A Starfleet secret society proves to be the success factor behind SF captains...

  • How Do You Like to be Kissed?
    (PG-13) September 1999
    A line from the movie "For Love of the Game" becomes the title for this short, sappy story.

  • I Have Not Always Been a Good Wife
    (PG-13) November 1999
    A "could-have-been" story, full of angst and wondering.

  • Maternal Instinct
    (PG-13) February 2000
    Follows the episode, "Collective"... and answers part of that nagging question: What ever happened to the Borg baby? (Might be considered an "R" rating by some folks...) ;-)

  • Q-Lines
    (PG-13) March 2000
    A "challenge" story, in which the writers were asked to come up with a final scene for the final episode of "Voyager" ;-)

  • Damn the Photon Torpedoes; Full Romance Ahead!
    (PG-13) May 2000
    A little scenario between B'Elanna and Chakotay on the real implication of Kelis' J/C scene in "Muse".

  • The Ships Speak...
    (PG-13) May 2000
    In "The Haunting of Deck Twelve", Janeway and Chakotay admit to each other that they "talk" to their ships. What would the ships say in return?

  • The Maquis Captain's Woman
    (PG-13) June 2000
    Sometimes it takes a lifetime to realize what we want...

  • Just Another Dirty Little Starfleet Secret...
    (PG-13) June 2000
    Ah, my; once more Capt. Janeway plays it by the rulebook. Guess this one explains a lot!

  • Spirited Away
    (PG-13) October 2000
    A pictorial story, in which Janeway and Chakotay visit a "haunted planet"!

  • A Marriage of Convenience
    (PG-13)November 2000
    Sometimes you have to break a few rules to save yourself and those around you.

  • The Brides of Voyager
    (PG-13) December 2000 2000
    Another "pictorial story" type... you get to pick a favorite bridal look for Voyager's three main ladies...

  • A Rose for Boothby
    (PG-13) January 2001
    Even after he's gone, this Starfleet Academy icon still influences lives. (A fictional tribute to the ST character, Boothby, and Ray Walston)

  • Resetting Parameters
    (PG) March 2001
    In thinking about the present, Janeway remembers the past... and wonders about the future.

  • Celebration
    (PG-13) August 2001
    A little "crossover"piece. A post-Endgame J/C scene based on the JAG episode, "Lifeline". It works, folks; trust me! :-)

  • New Year's Games
    (PG-13) January 2002
    A J/C start for the new year -- a little Mars/Venus story about 'new year's time' aboard Voyager...
    (This story now has a sequel -- but it's rated NC-17, and, by going there, you have told me that you are 18 or older {grin!} Here it is: New Year's Resolutions...

  • Aftermath
    (PG-13) April 2002
    A sequel/follow-up story for "Celebrations". (See above). All about Chakotay, a wedding... and two women. What's a guy gonna do?

  • Taurus & Scorpio
    (PG) May 2002
    An astrological 'study' of Janeway and Chakotay. Is this relationship written in the stars? ;-)

  • A Touch of Class
    (PG)May 2003
    Chakotay rethinks the influence Kathryn has had in his life.

  • All the Colors of My Life
    (PG)May 2003
    A strange interview question with Kathryn Janeway after Voyager's return to the Alpha Quadrant

  • Hero Worship
    (PG)May 2003
    Naomi hacks into Voyager's computer and discovers some interesting entries.

  • Mountain Roads
    (PG)May 2003
    Strange things are happening to poor Harry again!.

  • O'Siyo
    (PG)May 2003
    Examines when J/C really should have begun on the series {g}.

  • VoyagerLand
    (PG)May 2003
    The crew gets a new assignment. WARNING -- graphic intensive!.

  • Mentor
    (PG-13)August 2003
    Post-Endgame, post-Seven. Spoilers: Christie Golden's "The Farther Shore". Chakotay has a new assignment and needs someone to help him with the task.

  • Twelfth Night
    (PG-13)January 2004
    Take a little bit of wintertime frivolity, a romantic setting, a handful of Voyager's faithful and see what happens!

  • Spoken Hearts
    (PG)February 2004
    A little pictoral that came out of a stash of J/C pictures and a bag of Valentine candy!.

  • A Time for Us
    (PG-13) February 2004
    The final story in a group project to 'flash out' a sonnet by Elizabeth Barrett Browning. (This is a re-write of an earlier piece.)

  • Future's Fate
    (PG) May 2005
    A J/C version of the JAG series finale

  • Finding the Words
    (PG) August 2005
    Years after Voyager's return to the AQ, Janeway's interest is piqued with a new find of old words. Will it return her to the past -- or lead her into the future?

  • Sacred Promises
    (PG) August 2005
    Some promises are never really broken, even when we think they -- and our lives -- seem to have been broken beyond repair.

  • Roses are Red, Hearts are Blue
    (PG-13) February 2006
    A VAMB 'Secret Valentine' offering. It's Valentine's Day, post-Endgame -- but who's really whose Valentine?

  • The Proof is in the Punch
    (PG-13) March 2006
    A 'poem' inspired by one of Gilly H's fabulous captioned fiddled pictures (picture included! {g})

  • Temptation
    (PG-13) September 2006
    Another little thingie inspired by a picture, this time by one of Camryn's fine fiddles.

  • Behind the Closed Door
    (PG) November 2006
    Chakotay presses Kathryn to make good a promise she made about something she wanted to do after they returned to the Alpha Quadrant.

  • In Your Eyes
    (PG-13) November 2006
    Really a triple drabble, inspired by one of Gilly's magnificent fiddles.

  • Evasive Maneuvers
    J/P (PG-13) December 2006
    Takes place early in Voyager's journey. A series of events lead Janeway and Paris to discover that they really aren't so different from each other.

  • February Song
    J/C (PG-13) February 2007
    Chakotay finds out the reasons for Janeway's annual doldrums.

  • The Admiral's New Clothes
    J/C (PG-13) April 2007
    Voyager has been back 'home' for three months and Phoebe Janeway is helping Kathryn get settled. But she's also decided that her sister's life needs some major overhauls.

  • Bedtime Story
    J/C (PG-13) June 2007
    Sometimes it's more than just the characters on the pages of a book that come alive when a book is opened...

  • I Never Said I Could Tango
    J/C (PG-13) August 2007
    Ouch! Just who is the worse dancer -- Janeway or Chakotay?

  • Perfection
    J/C (PG-13) August 2007
    Chakotay finally finds the Kathryn of his dreams!

  • Summertime Dabbling with Drabbles
    J/C (PG-13) August 2007
    Five drabbles written just for fun -- some sweet, some silly, some serious.

  • Down a Dark Road
    J/C (PG-13) October 2007
    A post-Endgame story -- Chakotay reaches out to Kathryn for help.

  • Saving Santa Claus
    J/C (PG) December 2007
    The true story of how Santa Claus does everything so well!

  • Catch Me as I Fall
    J/C (PG) July 2008
    Chakotay and Janeway recall how they handled devastating news from home. (Epilogue to "Extreme Risk")

  • Just Right
    J/C (PG-13) November 2008
    A piece of fluff that is loosely based on a famous fairy tale -- with a J/C ending, of course!

  • Without a Doubt
    J/C (PG-13) April 2009
    Spoilers: "Full Circle" by Kristen Beyer -- An expansion of the epilogue of this book.

  • A Second Letter from Mark
    J/C (PG) June 2009
    Late in Voyager's journey, Kathryn gets another letter from Mark

  • Just Say the Word
    J/C (PG-13) January 2010
    Yet another post-"Endgame" story! This time, it takes a series of madcap mishaps before our two very dense protagonists decide to give in.

  • Sneak Attack
    J/C (PG-13) October 2010
    The EMH makes a rare mistake and even more rare admits it! But it's probably already wreaked havoc on the captain and first officer of Voyager.

  • Resurrection
    J/C (PG-13) October 2010
    A showdown, post-"Unworthy", in the "afterlife"... or is it?

  • You're Still You
    J/C (PG) November 2010
    Post Endgame. Chakotay and Janeway meet up at his promotion party after a long absence.

  • Love Happens...
    J/C (PG) April 2011
    Janeway and Chakotay come back from an away mission with a surprise for the crew, one that they know will change the dynamics on Voyager.

  • Somewhere Only We Know
    J/C (PG) September 2011
    During the toughest times, we find out who our true friends are. Back in the Alpha Quadrant, Kathryn Janeway finds this out as the Voyager crew all rally to her aid and Chakotay puts his own life on the line for her.

    Second Chances
    J/C (PG-13) August 2012
    Yet another post-"Endgame" story. ;-) Phoebe Janeway is in the midst of planning to marry for a second time and seems to find the most inappropriate times to contact her older sister for support

  • A Cup of Joe
    J/EMH (PG) April 2013
    The EMH does his jovial best to revitalize a post-Endgame Janeway

  • Zestful Pursuit
    J/C (PG) September 2013
    Kathryn needs a jump start in her life and Chakotay comes up with an out-of-the-box solution.