UPDATED January 22, 2011!
(Stories are posted in order written, therefore the newest stories are at the end.)

My stories fall into two categories: PG-13 and NC-17. Since I'm no longer a kid, my stories tend to be of a more mature nature. I don't get into violence that much, so you know what the NC-17 means!

With this in mind, the NC-17 list is meant only for consenting adults older than 18 years. I've warned you, and any trespassing into that area past this point is not my responsibility.


Tasty treats with a little more zip and zing!


  • Parting Gifts (NC-17) June 1997
    Kes' departure from Voyager brings bittersweet farewells all around; but she leaves special gifts with Janeway and Chakotay.

  • Sex, Sighs and Holotapes (NC-17) July 1997
    Seven little lessons for Janeway and Chakotay, via a subspace 20th century temporal anomaly...

  • Hidden Agenda (NC-17) August 1997
    Chakotay finds a way to liven up those boring staff meetings!

  • The Leola Plant: A User's Manual (NC-17) August 1997
    Voyager's crew sums up the many uses of the wonderful leola plant.

  • Mind Games (NC-17) September 1997
    A post-Scorpion 1, pre-Scorpion 2 story, in which Janeway realizes that resistance is futile.

  • Fever (NC-17) September 1997
    A tale in which sweat, bathtubs and disobeying orders play prominent roles...

  • Final Contact (NC-17) (with Jane S.) October 1997
    The Captain asks the Doc to recycle some of those Borg implants he removed from Seven...

  • Twilight in Tuscany (NC-17) November 1997
    Epilogue to "Scientific Method". Tuvok joins Janeway in Tuscany for that promised shared glass of wine -- and more!

  • Fruitful Persuasion (NC-17) November 1997
    What happens when Janeway and Chakotay run into each other, in search of a midnight snack?

  • Monsters in the Replicator (NC-17) January 1998
    A child's game provides adult play for a lot of folks on Voyager.

  • Poker Face (NC-17) January 1998
    Tuvok and Ensign Mize teach each other a few new tricks...

  • Flying Without a Safety Net (NC-17)February 1998
    Chakotay consoles Janeway after she receives her "Dear John" letter from Mark.

  • Crystal Blue Persuasion (NC-17) March 1998
    Janeway takes a trip into the dimension of mutated gamma strings... and her deepest desires.

  • Safe Sex (NC-17) July 1998
    Chakotay simply must remember where he puts things...

  • Genesis Redux (NC-17) July 1998
    Kathryn meets up with Chakotay's "new" spirit guide on New Earth, and has a little "soul to soul" talk. (Written with a nod of thanks to Jeri Taylor's recent book, Pathways)

  • Trysting Tattoos (NC-17) July 1998
    Missing maps and a captain's modesty... hmmm... now what can all of that mean?

  • Over and Over and Over Again (NC-17) May-October 1998
    A blind round robin written by one of the wildest of the JetC ponds, #13. For a rollicking romp with our Favorite Couple, take a peek at this little story!

  • J/C Pond # 17's Round Robin (NC-17) November 1998
    A blind round robin written by one of the most prolific ponds.

  • All Around the Christmas Tree (NC-17) November1998
    Oh, my... what mischief can happen when a tree goes unattended... especially in Brannon Braga's house!

  • Groundhog Day (NC-17) February 1999
    Don't expect Bill Murray in this poem dedicated to February's furry little guy...

  • Kathryn, For the Very Last Time... (NC-17) March-April 1999
    Yet another challenge from that slavedriver, August! This time, she asked us to write a story with the preceeding title. Delta wrote hers, then had it thrown back. "That's it? You're going to leave us like... huh?" So, a sequel followed. Folks STILL weren't satisfied... so a "trilogy" resulted. Here are those three tales (you can get to all of them by clicking on the first one...):

  • Hello There! I Haven't Seen You for Awhile (NC-17) April 1999
    The HAPPY sequel to "At Least I Get to Say Goodbye", ala "The Search for Spock".

  • The Privilege Circle (R) April 1999
    Janeway has a little secret about a special Starfleet club...

    A Midquadrant Night's Dream (NC-17) May 1999
    What happens when Shakespeare meets Voyager --- a little magic and mix-and-match all on a summer's eve!

  • Play Tchaikovsky for Me (NC-17) September 1999
    This one might not be for everyone... a little forewarning! Also... for maximum enjoyment, listen to the "1812 Overture" while reading...

  • The Morning After the Night Before (really R...) October 1999
    Love *can* be an addiction...

  • Holographic Orgasm March 2000
    The "Fair Haven" holodeck program *really* starts bugging OFFO...

  • A Lesser Form of Poetry June 2000
    Yet another take on "Fair Haven" et al. Bad episode; bad poem; bad Delta!

  • Anatomically Correct September 2000
    Want to know what might heat up the J/C relationship... by cooling it down? This just might do the trick!

  • Death on the Delta Quad Express October 2000
    A round robin by JetC Pond 40, in which a diabolical murder has been committed!

  • When Altarian Cider, Chronotons and Akoonahs Collide January 2001
    Just what the title says! ;-) An epilogue to "Shattered"

  • Papercut March 2001
    Janeway discovers Seven's holodeck program from "Human Error". Really an R rating... but I was pretty mad when I wrote this one!

  • New Year's Resolutions January 2002
    A sequel to the PG-13 story, New Year's Games, containing the scenes that just had to follow...

  • Like a Virgin April 2002
    A short, silly piece based on a very old but favorite joke of mine. It's been haunting me for quite a while...

  • Nights in Soaked Satin July 2002
    A story about the real reason Chakotay built that bathtub on New Earth! (Ladies of 'a certain age and stage in life' will appreciate this! (This story is really an R rating...)

  • Every Three Minutes August 2002
    A dialogue between two 'unnamed' characters... but I think you'll know who they are. Setting is post-"Natural Law". pre-"Endgame". (This story is really an R rating, too...)

  • Covert Operations May 2003
    Janeway comes across a secret meeting that starts her wondering about a couple of her best friends. (This story is really an R rating, too...)

  • Return to Risa May 2003
    A very strange 'journal' shows up on Voyager. WARNING -- graphic intense!

  • Urban Legend May 2003
    Sometimes a Vulcan just has to take control of the situation!

  • Sweet & Red & Juicy May 2003
    Janeway wants to reinstitute an old tradition prior to Tom and B'Elanna's wedding.

  • Christmas Present December 2003
    It's Christmas 2003 -- and Janeway finds a NEW ornament on the Christmas tree!

  • Hazards of Duty July 2004
    Chakotay's enhanced sense of smell makes for some interesting situations.

  • Dream Lover January 2005
    Strange things happen when you have one too many bowls of leola stew!

  • Letting Me Love You February 2005
    A re-write of “Endgame” (and several more episodes! [bg]). What if Admiral Janeway had a more personal reason to go back in time and change the outcome for Voyager? What if she appeared at a different time and place in their Delta Quadrant wanderings?

  • Ladies' Night on Voyager April 2005 (Really an 'R' rating here, folks! ...)
    Janeway proves why she's the captain when the 'ladies' get together for a little bit of fun.

  • Katie, Katie, Quite Contrary -- What Does Your Garden Grow? July 2005
    Just what is growing in that secret garden behind the closed doors of the Captain's quarters?

  • Promotion August 2005
    Okay... so maybe this is really an 'R' rated story, but then again... ;-)
    It's time for a bit of post-celebration celebrating after all of Voyager's crew gets promotions following their return to the Alpha Quadrant, but Chakotay thinks that Kathryn might be a wee bit tired.

  • Curing Chakotay September 2005
    The EMH plays matchmaker... and Janeway and Chakotay just sort of... play.

  • Command Positions February 2006
    A little word play that started out as a single drabble -- but it grew & grew...

  • Starry, Starry Nights July 2006
    Four people, four centuries and a single destiny...

  • Joy in the Morning July 2006
    A pictorial story based on the elegant and frequently erotic fiddles of Camryn. WARNING -- Graphic intensive and some pictures are sexually explicit!

  • 100 Word Orgasm May 2007
    A self-explanatory drabble. ;-)

  • Friends with Benefits August 2007
    Really an 'R' rating, but with luscious fiddles by Camryn this pictorial story of a plan that goes astray comes close to that fine line...

  • Saving Santa Claus December 2007
    How Janeway and Chakotay helped Santa Claus... and how Mrs. Claus helped them!

  • The Private Life of Captain Janeway's Phaser February 2008
    The captain makes some modifications to an old phaser pistil that had been destined for the recycler: one person's junk is another person's treasure! (Written in July 2007, but I just realized I hadn't posted it!)

  • XO-Alpha (This is really a soft R rating, but better safe than sorry!) July 2008
    Tom and B'Elanna, secret files, matchmaking and their captain and first officer -- all the ingredients necessary for disaster!

  • Plucking Good! (Another R rating, but there's lots of innuendo... ) September 2008
    A late night conversation between Chakotay and Neelix, about a certain captain's fetishes.

  • How I Met Your Mother June 2009
    Chakotay tells his kids all about those early days on Voyager... well, maybe not everything! 'Caretaker' from Chakotay's POV

  • Betrayal January 2011
    Action. Intrigue. Deception. And, oh yes... some J/C stuff.