A simple collection of screen captures from RESOLUTIONS for you to enjoy.
All pictures are posted in the order of the story, broken down to sections.
Click on the picture above each section title to go there.

NEW May 2006 -- Added Pictures!

A reader asked if I could add some pictures of the scene of Janeway and Chakotay
underneath the table during the storm. I also decided to add more of the storm before
they got back to their shelter and the remains in the aftermath.
Check them out below in Parts 8a and 8b: Sturm and Drang and Aftermath

1. Awakenings

2. Adjustments

3. Hello...

4. ... Goodbyes

5. The Bathtub

6. Discoveries

7. Life Goes On

8. Explorations

8a. Sturm und Drang

8b. Aftermath

9. Letting Go

10. The Backrub, Part 1

11. The Backrub, Part 2

12. Parameters, Part 1

13. Parameters, Part2

14. Contentment

15. Solutions

16. Unresolved Questions

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