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Waste Your Time!

Settle back to enjoy these Voyager puzzles! Many are pictures fiddled
by those graphic magicians GILLY HOYLE and CAMRYN.

Here are a couple hints on how to maximize your pleasure with the puzzles:

1. Peek-A-Boo! 2. Quiet Moment 3. I Dare You!
4. Mano a Mano 5. Heart in the Sand 6. Luau Time
7. Galaxy Quest 8. Because I'm the Captain! 9. Lending a Hand
10. The Crew's Baby Album 11. Macho Man 12. Stare Down
13. Come Here... 14. She's Got Your Legs, Kathryn! 15. Don't Tempt Me...
16. Wondering... 17. Honeymoon Greetings 18. Father's Day

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