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Settle back to enjoy these puzzles derived from scenes from "Voyager".
If the boss catches you, tell him/her that you're practicing
hand/eye coordination techniques... and that's a lot better than "Solitaire"!
(Better yet... introduce them to the addiction... hee,hee!!!!)

UPDATED March 25, 2004!
(Added Puzzles #22-24)

1. Lost in the Stars 2. The way things SHOULD be! 3. I've got feverů
4. Ships of the Delta Quadrant 5. That's the way I like itů. Mmmmmm!!!!! 6. That's an order!
7. I've got you now, my pretty!! 8. Hamming it upů 9. Storm Clouds Rising
10. Another One Bites the Dust... 11. Rambo Kate 12. Enemy Mine
13. Truly Alone 14. Nanoprobe Nirvana 15. There's Coffee in that Nebula!
16. Champagne Lady 17. Physics Lesson 18. A Kiss...
19. Bridal Suite 20. The Way They Were 21. Supernova
22. Lost in the Stars #2 23. Somewhere in Time 24. Windmills of My Mind

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