by Delta Story

March 2006

(I'm blaming this all on GILLY HOYLE, whose hilarious captioned fiddle above 'inspired' the following...)


I look at you as you look at me
Eyes wide open as we suddenly see
We’re side by side in a rumpled bed –
And strange thoughts tumble inside of my head.

“What have we done?” I cry out with fear.
“Have we crossed those bounds of yesteryear?”
You reach up, brush back a lock of loose hair,
Your smile taking over my initial despair.

“Let’s remain calm, my Kathryn so dear
I’m sure things will soon be crystal clear;
We would not do anything that’s out of sorts
And risk the dismay of hearsay reports.”

But fear grips my spirit, for I sense our action
Has been much more than passing distraction.
I note that we’re clothed but quite oddly so –
Just tops above – we’ve nothing on below!

Your face becomes filled with a gleeful smile:
“Perhaps we did do something a bit worthwhile.
But certainly it’s nothing for us to regret –
Please don’t let yourself become so upset.”

I smile in return knowing full well
That neither of us has wanted to quell
The desire that long has been in our hearts,
Yearning but hampered, keeping us apart.

“You’re right, of course – I’d be a fool
To think the punch alone became a tool.
I guess we both had buried deep inside
The need for each other, no longer to hide.

But you must admit – there’s no denying this:
That potent punch certainly led to a kiss,
Which then became the opportune chance
To end us up in this delicate happenstance.”

Again you glow with a secret delight,
Your hand touches me, beginning to ignite
Long dormant feelings, now alive and glowing –
I shiver and sigh, shaking and moaning.

“Perhaps it’s our thanks to Neelix we owe,”
You whisper so sweetly, tender and low.
“His error is pardonable, no need for alarm –
Maybe we should call him our lucky charm.

Without his blunder among spices Talaxian,
We might never have loosed our feelings within.
There’s nothing to fear, for all now is clear –
Our mutual feelings are more than sincere.”

I nod to agree with the words you have spoken –
I can no longer deny them, for my passion is open.
Your body and touch tell me you feel the same
And I pull you towards me, calling your name.

"It certainly seems our good chief of morale
Has done his job, with flare and skilled style.
For with one little slip of a recipe glitch,
He’s opened for us an entirely new nitch.”

Though giddy with love, I still am afraid –
“What’s the crew to think?” I ask, dismayed.
“Will they approve of our actions or sense us amiss?
I don’t want to fail them for a moment of bliss.”

You soothe and comfort me, stroking my cheek,
“Kathryn, Kathryn – they won’t think us weak!”
You laugh, a twinkle shining deep in your eyes;
You kiss me, keeping away any further outcries.

“Who are they to point any fingers accusatory?
I’m sure the entire ship is in the same category!
For whoever partook of that liquid delight
Is sharing with us the same guilty plight.

The feelings released are all happy and true
And I am sure that all of our wonderful crew
Will share in our love, pure and ecstatic –
You will see unfounded your fear and your panic.

In fact, it would not surprise me at all
If suddenly you received many a call –
To bless and approve many such pairings
Hidden so long, now alive and quite caring.”

Once more your words have eased my heart –
My frightened thoughts begin to depart.
A simple error in our Prixin party libation
Has freed us all from hidden frustration.

I promise to appease our fine furry friend
For bringing the holiday to such a wondrous end.
So I say to all traveling on this Voyager flight:
“Happy Prixin to all – and to all a good night!”

~ the end ~

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