Just a bit of seasonal silliness!

What Captain Janeway really does behind her closed ready room doors!

Neelix prepares Easter brunch...

It's always good to have 'witnesses' present at counseling sessions.

The staff gets all their ducks... er -- Peeps... in a row at the daily briefing

Tsk, tsk; the Commander has fallen asleep on the job... while counting Peeps!

The Doc announces the horrible truth: All Peeps are born pregnant!

One coffee with Peep

Now I lay me down to Peep...

Peep round-up time on the bridge!

B'Elanna checks out the Peep squeeks she heard in the replicator

Molly's very strange first litter

What Janeway and Chakotay really grew
in that garden on New Earth...

And there's more: PEEPS on Voyager 2006

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