2006 Edition of this seasonal silliness...

Janeway adds a little something to Neelix's latest batch of leola root stew

Chakotay's latest additions to his medicine bundle

Kathryn makes a goodnight wish on the Evening Peeps

The erratic trajectory of a migratory Peep

Tuvok reconsiders his new addition to the security team,
figuring that he might fold like a marshmallow...

Recipe for a romantic evening: The lovely B'Elanna, a fine wine and a Peepcake

Peeps at the molecular level

Peeps got your tongue, Neelix?

Chakotay goes on a Peep hunt

Seven views with horror a hapless, boneless victim of the Hirogen

Janeway finds her long-lost Peeps keyring

Tom teaches Obrist that old Earth game, "Finders, Keepers; Losers, Peepers"

Kes joins the Captain for some afternoon Peep

A little known fact: Janeway's spirit guide is a flock of Peeps

B'Elanna discovers what is causing those peeping sounds
coming from the warp core

A Peep goes nova

Crashed shuttles -- a favorite nesting space for Peeps

Da Vinci is amazed at being able to fly with the Peeps!

The only species in the galaxy that can freak out the Borg: Peeps!

Seven discovers the remains of her parents' doomed spacecraft

Tom finds that something has come between him and B'Elanna

Chakotay cringes when threatened by the infamous Peep torture

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