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To avoid an ion storm, the Delta Flyer lands on (or should I say "in"?) an unnamed class M planet, with Tom, Tuvok, and Samantha Wildman on board. With Sam injured and thorian gas filling the cavern, the trio must wait for a rescue from Voyager. Neelix, on board Voyager, is continuing in his role as Naomi's secondary caretaker. Clearly identifying with her situation, he chooses not to tell Naomi that her mother could be in danger until the child finds out for herself. But, like all Trek endings, it is a happy one and at the last possible nano-second, the Delta Flyer and crew are rescued and Naomi is reunited with her mother.

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Short review this time. I don't have a whole lot to say about this particular episode (yes, yes, quite shocking, I realize)…

A soft and gentle episode. What a nice break from battle scenes and the threat of other species taking over humanity Voyager, dumping toxic wastes, or planning impending doom on Starfleet. We got to see Voyager through the eyes of a child and the symbiotic relationship of Voyager - the family, not Voyager - the crew. I don't think that the series has had this kind of feeling since Kes left, and indeed, perhaps Naomi is taking her place in ways that Seven never could. I hope that this is a sign of things to come.

I enjoyed the parallel between Naomi's holodeck adventures with Flotter and what was really happening to her mother. Naomi, unable to control the very real threat to her mother's life, was able to save Flotter and that action lent her an element of power in a very uncertain situation. I think that this is how many people cope with emotional events in their lives and it was surprising to see TPTB take that very real tactic with emotions (for once, I might add).

I also enjoyed all of the touching moments -- emphasizing even more that this crew has developed and matured from a starfleet/maquis ship to a thriving community. From Sam and Tuvok's reaction to Tom's goodbye message for B'Elanna to Kathryn comforting Neelix (fanfic alert!) to the entire ship pulling together to take care of Naomi and help divert her attention. And I know that most viewers don't take Neelix very seriously, but I enjoyed his role in this episode. He is such a sad, lost, and wounded creature underneath that silly and over-eager exterior. Maybe fans aren't comfortable with him, because he reminds us of ourselves. Neelix represents the existentialistic orphan within us all. . (I think Cilla needs to stop reading Camus and start taking Midol. NOW!)

I also really like seeing the soft, understanding side of Kathryn that she presented in this episode. No one else could play this role quite like this. Clearly, only a woman can be this nurturing and kind and still be commanding as she captains her ship.

Ok, enough mushy stuff. I am making myself ill.

Question, comments, and other catty remarks:

  1. I don't care what anyone says, Seven's boobs change size every episode. I am not the only one to notice this (so STOP thinking I am obsessed) because others have mentioned it to me.
  2. When Neelix was speaking to his sister, Naomi was about ten feet away and wide awake. How smart was that???
  3. The snappy dialogue is still missing from the writing. And where the hell was the doctor? He is the main reason I watch this garbage.
  4. Kathryn said that she had enough coffee??? That must be a first.
  5. Why would a child be allowed to have bridge access? Just anyone can wander on up to the bridge? Ole Jean-Luc would have a fit.
  6. Kathryn's hair is now too tousled to be Captain hair (will I EVER be satisfied with her hair?). But, overall I thought she and everyone else looked quite good this episode. I noticed that Harry is beginning to look less like a "guy" and more like a "man". Has anyone noticed that Seven's 'do makes her head look deformed?
  7. I either am numb with the constant bombardment of sexist images or I didn't notice Seven's buttcrack during this episode. (I am voting for numb. What do you think?)
  8. The Flotter doll looked like a blue Neelix.
  9. Naomi is just like Kes -- deep voice, very intelligent. AND they are about the same age and height! :-) Good GOD! Why is this ten year old playing a toddler? Shouldn't Naomi be about three???
  10. At the conclusion, Janeway ordered the Delta Flyer to be beamed in to the cargo bay and then Voyager left. What about Seven and Chak? I mean, sure, I wouldn't mind leaving Boobie behind and what does Chak REALLY contribute to the daily running of things, but isn't that a bit harsh? Just leaving them like that? So much for her sweet nurturing side! :-)

Rating: I have noticed that my enjoyment of an episode is proportional to how many scenes the Doctor is in and how many Seven isn't in. :-) This episode held my interest, made me reach for the Kleenex twice (well, three times, but I used my sleeve once), and was, overall, kinda charming. No J/C at all (I refuse to believe that it has died a short death), but maybe next week (yes, I know. I am not living in reality when it comes to this). I give this the dreaded …seven of nine. Side note: the previews for next week look great. Voyager never lives up to the teaser, but you never know…