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Nothing Human reminds me of Designer Imposter Perfume. It longs to be the real thing, but doesn't quite compare. It's always a shade off. This episode of Voyager tried desperately to have the ingenious ambiguity of some of the more intriguing episodes of TNG, or even Deep Space 9, but instead has itself become a holographic image of the real thing.

Catty inferences and innuendos aside, there were many things about this episode and the attitude of the characters that I do not understand. Initially, the Doctor set out to create an interface -- a consultant -- between the exobiology database and himself. To the database, he added a personality. The Doctor examined all the exobiologists in the Starfleet medical database and chose the leading exobiologist. This persona was added to the medical data, in order to better work with this data. And Gul Maset was "born". Things progressed quite well (or almost quite well), until a young Bajoran gentleman (Tabor) recognized this holoimage as a Cardassian who tortured his family on Bajor during the Occupation. Tabor reacted quite strongly to Maset's presence. That much I can understand. These memories would be horrible ones and an image that would bring that back to the surface must have been frightening. B'Lanna, after learning that Maset's knowledge was obtained by torture, refuses the holographic image's help. Now here is where this episode loses me.

B'Lanna's rationale for turning away the aid of the holoconsultant is that Maset tortured many bajorans for his knowledge and that she would be benefitting from these deaths. First of all, we don't exactly know what knowledge he gained out of these horrible methods he chose to employ. The Doctor, the Captain, and the rest of the crew just inferred what happened based on the memories of a traumatized young man and the purchase orders of the Cardassian doctor. Secondly, I hardly see how utilizing the knowledge of Maset would be dishonoring and debasing the deaths of these Bajorans he tortured. I would think, rather the opposite, that if this knowledge helped a member of the Maquis (or really, anyone else), that those Bajoran deaths would have meaning. That their deaths would have meant something rather than glory for a madman. That they would have died for something at long last.

And finally, I really don't understand the ethical debate over a hologram who sincerely had no recollection of these horrible deeds. The Doctor took the entire database and just added a face. And why he was debating with it, I have no idea. Is he going to delete the entire database? If so, then, as Maset pointed out, what about the medical knowledge collected in the 20th century on Earth? Much of that knowledge has been gained through the torture of primates and other helpless victims. What is the difference? That does not make humans any better. And while I am on this train, why are Cardassians always presented as evil creatures. I find that stereotype offensive. The comparative race to Cardassians is the Germans of the Third Reich. So, are we to presume that all Germans then and now are evil? Or just a few of them?

The title of this episode is racist as well. "Nothing Human". Well, Neelix, Tuvok, half of B'Lanna, Kes (I MISS HER!), Tabor, and half of Naomi are all not human. Are they evil? For that is what the title implies.

On a lighter note, I found it amusing to see Boobie (whose boobies are a lot smaller this week) taking over engineering. Why was that happening (her taking over engineering, not her boobs deflating)? Granted, she wasn't in the first twenty-one minutes of this episode and that is always a good thing, but why was she in charge? Doesn't B'Lanna have a backup? How Voyager ever survive without Buttcrack Barbie, we will never know? At the rate she is going, she should be captain by next month. Then Kathryn can take orders from her for real.

I have said it before (countless times, probably) and I will say it again (just because I repeat myself, do you think that would stop me?), the Captain needs a new 'do. I figure that with Buttcrack's breasts becoming smaller, Kathryn's hair will get puffier.

The lighter moments of this episode were all wasted. At least on this particular audience member. I could not get beyond the useless melodrama to enjoy the Doctor's holoshow or any of his smirky humor. It just seemed so pointless.

Rating: Has Cilla ever gone to the negatives? :-) Let's add this up, shall we? No J/C, useless drama, boring scenery, Boobie of Borg in charge of engineering for some inexplicable reason, odd ethical quandary that just flat out made no sense, bad hair for Kathryn…I give this episode a two of nine.