These links represent some sites of inspiration for me.
Words, pictures, facts and trivia -- all are for your further fun and games; enjoy!

UPDATED January 11, 2010!


Jim Wright's DELTA BLUES
Want the best "Voyager" reviews in the galaxy? Catch them here! Sure, Jim's opinionated and sarcastic and witty... and that's why Delta loves him!

STARTREK.COM The official Star Trek webpage, according to the gospel of Paramount and TPTB.
THE archive for all stories J/C through 2002. Lots of oldies but goodies here!

The Star Trek Voyager Encyclopedia
This is it --- the Mother Lode of information for Voyager: every character; every technobabble word; every episode. Go; explore; get lost!

Ex Astris Scientia
A marvelous compilation of everything from starship design through medical jargon -- a goldmine of information!

Julia Houston'sStar Trek at
is another vertible gold mine of current ST information, reviews and comments. She also has a weekly newsletter, "Hailing Frequency", that you can subscribe to -- definately worth it!


J/C Ville
A current and extensive archive for J/C stories. Allows you to rank sites and stories!

The Official J/C Story Index
THE archive for all stories J/C through 2002. Lots of oldies but goodies here!

Belanna's Page of Fakes, Collages, Stories and Art
Wonderful fakes & fun here -- although you must register to view her NC-17 stuff... but well worth the 'effort'!

Camryn's Candids
Pictures by another fine fiddler! Camryn also posts some fanfic.

SOS: Spoiler-Free Opinion Summary
A great page for rating "Voyager" and all the other Star Trek series and movies. You must register --- but it's free. How do your ratings measure up against others? A really fun site!

Totally Kate: The Kate Mulgrew Page This is the official Kate Mulgrew site on line. LOTS of graphics, interviews, quotes. If you go once, you'll keep coming back.

Robert Beltran's Webpage
The Official Webpage for Robert Beltran. No longer much VOY stuff here anymore, but still a site to peruse when you're interested in what Mr. Beltran is currently doing.

Walter's Interdimensional Storage
Okay... so this isn't really hosted by Walter, but that's just the start to this wonderfully eclectic page by one of my email buddies who shares many similar interests with me. You've just GOT to check this one out!

Want to learn more about the man behind the gorgeous music that inspires the Picture This series? This site even gives you the chance to hear some his music --- including his latest CD, Grace


the archipelago of angst
Although August is no longer writing VOY stories, the ones she has written are classic ones at their best. She also hosts several other writers.

elem's Voyager Fanfiction
elem is probably the most prolific of the current (2009) writers -- yet every one of her stories is fresh and new! AND... she guarantees a happy ending with each and every one!

Gates Hepburn's Voyager Fanfiction & Fiddles
Gates is probably one of the most refreshing fiddlers around -- her B&W of old movies are awesome! And her fics reflect her love of the theater and all things dramatic. ;-)

Ghostwriter's Haunt
If the graphics of Ghostie's site don't haunt you, her writing certainly will.

Gilly's Fan Fiction and Graphics
For shear beauty, Gill's page can't be beat, both visually and verbally. Each trip is a vacation for the soul. Her graphics and fiddles are among the best around.

Gine's Walkinshades
Gine is a writer and artist with a poet's soul. Her drabbles will bring out emotions you never knew you had!

Guinan's Oasis
Homepage of the JetCer's favorite barkeep. Be nice to her and you might get a free drink!

Jinny R's Voyager Fanfic
Giggles galore at this gal's page -- a woman after my own heart!

Katlady's Homepage
Kat Lady writes fine NC-17 stories with a Celtic lilt...

Stories by Kim J
Absolutely one of the best J/c writers... and she's been writing J/C fanfic only since May 2008! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

KJ's J/C Fanfiction
One of the Koffee Klub's 'moms' who never disappoints with her stories.

Fanfiction by Mary S
Lots of terrific stories here. I really like Mary's 'mature' touch with her stories, something I appreciate in fanfic.

Mizvoy at Voyagerangel
One of the best authors around right now, MizVoy just made a clean sweep at the 2005 Awesome Author Awards. Her stories include the "Night and Day" and "Belle Colony" series.

Monkee's Place
We all know that the monkey on New Earth saw the scenes that TPTB cut from our view... and here you'll find some of the most lovely, romantic stories on the web. Sigh!

New Earth: Janeway and Chakotay's Paradise
Although KathrynJ's page is in German, her videos aren't... and they are NOT to be missed! Also, this woman is quite an artist... although all her drawings aren't work friendly. ;-)

The Night Owl
A lovely page by a Jr. JetCer... with some very fine stories! She likes to mix and match her stories: there are J/Kashyk and J/Michael stories in addition to J/C offerings.

Stories by Dee
Simple, sweet and always pure pleasure to read -- catch some classics here by the always wonderful Dee Price.

Ragpants' Stories and Stuff
Here you will find some of the finest storycraft around. Ragpants is borderline pro --- and we hope to see her step across that line shortly. Read her tales and you'll see why...

Running Horse's Stories
Horsie has put up her page again (July 2006)... so if you've been looking for her stories, here they are!

Shalee Stewart's Casting Muse in Hues
The lively, lovely page of my co-author for the "Picture This" series. Shalee has some great seaQuest stories, too!

Shayenne's J/C Site
Shayenne's stories are among my all time favorites; check them out an see if you don't agree!

Sister Mary Kathryn's Irreverent Adventures
This is one "sister" who can keep everyone in stitches! Some of the funniest J/C stories you'll ever read... better be prepared to laugh yourself silly with her escapades...

Terrapin Point
Turtlewoman takes us into all sorts of lovely, picturesque places with her stories full of exotic, erotic images. Remember --- slow and sure wins the race...

Vanhunk's Vault
If you want your fanfic in long reads that appeal to your intellect as well as your emotions, Vanhunks is your gal. Her writings satisfy on many levels. She's one of my current favorites and is HIGHLY recommended!

Your Cruise Director's Love Boat Fan Fiction and Art
I can only imagine if you are clicking on this site just now that: (1) you lost the address and needed to find it again; or (2) you, yourself have been lost in outer space for the last few years! Folks, this is the MECCA of fanfiction... the writer to whom all fanfic writers pay everlasting homeage. Everything that YCD writes is coated with gold... so, go follow the yellow brick road! Her site also 'hosts' several other authors and DRush's marvelous artwork.


Homepage of JetC Pond 11
A wonderful group of JetCers who sometimes are a warped.

This is a new mailing list for all you die-hard VOYAGER fanfic fans. By subscribing to this list, you will be alerted as soon as one of several of your favorite VOY writers has posted a new story. The list hosts postings by the following authors: Cybermum, Delta Story, monkee, ragpants, Rocky, seema, Tracy, and Turtlewoman. To enroll for these updates (or just to learn more about it), click on the image below - and let the fun begin!

This is a motherlode of Voyager stories, written by 25 Voyager fanfic writers under the guidance and magic of august. There are enough stories here to last you a few nights, if not 1001!

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