Now that "Voyager" has completed its run here in the US, it’s time for a little fun. Have you seen the British or US television program, "The Weakest Link"? Want to have a little bit of fun with the idea… only without questions to the participants? Let’s have you pick the ‘weakest link’ from the show.

Since the poll service I use has only 10 slots given, here’s what I propose for the Trekker Treats version. We assume that TPTB have already selected poor Kes and Neelix as "weakest links"… and that Jeri Taylor and Joe Menosky were given their walking papers in seasons past. So, I’ve provided a list of ten: the eight remaining characters in the cast plus two of our "favorite" producers. We’ll narrow our list down by combining "Weakest Link" and "Survivor" tactics:

  • The "contest" will run for eight weeks. At the end of week #1 (Sunday, June 10 – each week’s poll will appear on Sundays, with the game concluding on Sunday, July 29), the two names receiving the largest number of votes will be labeled the "Weakest Links" and will have their contracts canceled.

  • The second week, the eight remaining names will be posted, and a NEW poll started. At the end of this week, again the two with the highest numbers of votes will have their scripts confiscated and sold on eBay.

  • Week # 3 will find us with six participants, and we’ll transport one of them per week to the nearest Borg cube until we’re down to the Final Two.

Please feel free to make comments as to why you’re voting for whom as the weakest link; I’ll highlight three of these responses each week in "support" of the majority decision. You’ll find an area labeled "Comments" at the bottom of the Results page. Just click there to enter your remarks!

Here’s hoping we can have a good time with this over the next few weeks! Now… let’s play…


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