Sigh! With the results of week #6 now tallied, it looks like people wanted to see Tom Paris make one last flight on the Delta Flyer... right into the never-never land of a supernova. Sorry, Helmboy; here are some of their reasons:

  • "Sorry, Tom. You're lots of fun, but you're hardly Voyager's strongest link. Off you go. It's cool, though. Now you can have more holodeck time. Give Satan's Robot my fondest regards..."

  • "If I were stranded on a planet. I think I'd be better off with B'Elanna and the Captain."

  • "Captain Proton -- need I say more?"

Tom, give B'Elanna one last kiss, then it's --- GOODBYE!


And then there were two: JANEWAY AND TORRES!

It's gonna get real ugly here this week, I can tell! What's it going to be -- youth or experience? Emotion vs. Mind? OR... dare I say it... Starfleet or Maquis?

It's the final round to find out just who is...


If you want to check the results of the previous weeks, go HERE for week #1 and HERE for Week #3; for weeks 2,4, 5 and 6, go to the "Results" section of this week's poll and click on the section that says "Archives" and that should lead you to the results of these two polls.

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