Have you ever read a Voyager fanfic story and thought to yourself "Hey --- I can do that; sure I can!", only to rethink your idea later prefaced with "Yeah... right; what was I ever thinking? How would I start? How do I make words fit together?"

Take heart, O Despondent One! Help is now here, all at your fingertips. All you have to do is bring paper and pencil (or word processor and disk) and add a few pronouns, conjunctions and punctuation marks; all the other requisite words are here! Yes, as a public service to the Voyager fanfic community, Delta presents a collection of sure-fire Voyager fanfic words. Together, in one site, you can find a list of Voyager characters… aliens and holodeck characters… temporary and historical squeezes… words of action to bring everything to life… nouns for the subjects to play with; adjectives and adverbs with which to decorate other words… and the ever-mandatory list of technonouns!

Please note that the words are listed in alphabetical order under each column. Any relationship to words as they read across is purely coincidental, with no intention of inferring a connection among them.

Call up your own ideas and just mix and match from the following lists of words to your heart’s content; something is bound to spring forth!

A word of caution: you will probably notice that the lists do do tend to lean a little bit towards the romantic or relationship angle for stories. Also, there are a few "adult" words in the lists, but nothing is overtly explicit --- if you want to use such words, I’m sure you know which ones they are! ;-)

(All characters, technowords and logos are property of Paramount and Star Trek:Voyager. They are borrowed and used for my own personal entertainment purposes, with no profit whatsoever indended. PTB --- forgive me!)


A Mix and Match Table of Terms for EZ Voyager Fanfic

(All of these terms have been used
in various episodes)
ChakotayAlpha QuadrantArcherache‘69 Camaroaflameantimatter
daVinci, Leonardo*astrophysicsBorg, Thebreatheagonyagainantimatter container
Delaney, JennyBajorBorg Queencaressakoonahaghastantiviral serum
Delaney, MeganbathtubCaptain Proton*clincharmancientarray
Doc (EMH)*** bridgeCaretaker, Thecomearomaangryasteroids
Janeway, Kathrynbriefing roomDr. Chaotica*consumebathtubanguishedaxonal amplifier
Kes**cargo bayFlotter*culminatebat’lethanxiousbeam
Kim, HarryDeep Space NineFrazier, Rileycravebedroomardentbinary pulsar
NeelixDelta QuadrantGathcryboatauburnbinary system
Paris, TomDemon Planet(The) Hirogencuddlebodyazurebiomolecular warheads
Seven of NineEarth (pick a time!)Johnson, Markdancebreastbeautifulbioneural packs
Seska**Great Forest, TheLord Burleigh*depletechampagneblushingcomm
Torres, B’ElannaholodeckKashykdesirecheekbroadcommbadge
TuvokJeffries tube(number?)(The) Kazondevourchestbronzedeflector shield
VorikLake GeorgeKellindrivechocolatebrusquelyDelta Flyer
Wildman, NaomiM-class planet(The) Krenimdroolclimaxburningdilithium
Wildman, Samantha mess hall(The) Maloraneatcloudcherisheddistribution node
---New EarthPel, DenaraenfoldcreamclimacticDNA sequencer
---Northwest TerritoryQentercupcoarsedorsal emitter
---quarters (whose?) Queen Arachniaentrapdelightcrookedelectromagnetic field
---ready room (Chakotay’s)Robinson, Rainexhaledeskdaintyforce field
---ready room (Janeway’s)Species 8472gaspdessertdeargravimetric field
---SacajaweaTessagroandinnerdelicatehemocythemic imbalance
---sick bay(The) Vidiiansinflatedoorearthyhybrid
---sonic shower---inhaleDrabian love sonnetsebonyhydrothorazine
---Trebus---insertdreamecstaticinjection tubules
---turbolift---kissdresselegantinterstellar dust
---Vulcan---laughduty rosterengorgedmedical tricorder
---wormhole---lickecstasyenlargedmetaphasic shield
---Y-class planet---massagefeathererectmicrocellular scan
---------negotiateflowersflowingneutrino bubble
---------nibblefootflushedneurochemical imbalance
---------panthairgloriousomicron particles
---------piercehappinessgorgeousphase rifle
---------pleadheadboardgroggilyphase variance
---------plungehousehaltinglyphoton torpedo
---------probeKlingon operahandsomeplasma burn
---------pulsateKlingon romance novelhappyplasma drift
---------pushkneehardplasma fire
---------quiverkunat so’likhotplasma injector
---------rublegendhungrilyplasma storm
---------runlipsicyplasma strand
---------screamlizardincadescentplasma stream
---------shiverleginnocentpsionic properties
---------sighleola rootintensequantum mechanics
---------skitterMahlerintimatequantum singularity
---------slithermedicine bundlelanguorousresonant gravitation
---------smellmeditation lamplaughingslipstream
---------snugglememberlightlyspatial distortion
---------snickermonkeylongspectral analysis
---------squeezemouthluxurioussubharmonic pulses
---------strokemuscleslustfulsubspace array
---------stunmusicmacho subspace beacon
---------suckmushroommoist subspace bubble
---------swellnavelmusky subspace inversions
---------tastenightgownobsidian subspace signal
---------tauntnipplesoften subspace transmitter
---------teaseoceanover subspace vacuole
---------thrustpachydermpainfulsynaptic stimulator
---------ticklepantspalpabletachion beam
---------touchparameterspartiallytachion particles
---------trustpillowpassionatelytachion scan
---------tumblepinnaclependuloustectonic activity
---------turnpleasurepinktemporal anomaly
---------twistpon farrpounding temporal explosion
---------urgeprayer wheelprecious temporal incursion
---------vibrateprimatequickly temporal matrix
---------wantrapturequietly temporal shielding
---------whimperrationsquixotic temporal variance
---------windroseredtractor beam
---------wrapscentrigidtranswarp conduit
------------satinsensitivevision quest
------------seashortwarp breech
------------sexsilky warp coil
------------shirtsize 4 warp core
------------silksmooth warp emissions
------------sizesoft warp particles
------------snakesolid warp plasma
------------sofasteadywarp 10
------------spirit guidesuddenly---
------------tank toptense---
-------------tee shirtunder---

* Recurring holodeck characters

** Dead or presumed dead --- but who cares? They’re great characters! (Actually, a couple of the "live" characters might be considered just as well "dead"...)

*** Holographic personality, but fully functional!


A pre-posting preview audience for Delta Story’s Guide to INSTANT VOYAGER FANFICTION (IVF) were quite taken by the possibilities it presented.

With such a response, I decided to propose a challenge offer. Look over the page and write a story (or poem or song!) using words from the listing. Send them in text form to me, and I’ll create a special section here at Trekker Treats for IVF stories. (Who knows... I might even design a little thingie for entries...)

Just a few guidelines to get us started:

  • Please indicate the words used from the listings by enclosing them in *asterisks*
  • Limit your stories to 20 KB or less
  • Indicate a rating for your story: G, PG, PG-13, R or NC-17
  • Indicate the category (see below) into which your writing should be placed


1. Bread & Butter: Use at least the following number of selections from each category of words:

  • Voyager characters --- 4
  • Aliens, etc. --- 2
  • Places --- 4
  • Verbs, Adjectives & Adverbs, Nouns and Technonouns --- 10 from EACH list

2. Lucky Seven: Use the string a seven words (one from each list) as they read across the page horizontally OR diagonally.

3. Alliterative Choices: All of the chosen words start with the same letter

4. The Whole Enchilada: Use as many of the words as you possibly can, given the 20 KB limit.

Send entries, in text form, to: deltastory@geocities.com

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