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While cruising the Delta Quadrant, our fearless Voyager crew discovers a Federation subspace transmission and tracks its source. What they find, to their shock, is a recreation of Starfleet Headquarters and, masquerading as humans, Species 8472. Captain Janeway learns that 8472 intends to infiltrate Starfleet Headquarters on a covert mission in an attempt to learn of any possible impending attacks on the fluidic space natives. Through diplomatic overtures, these missions are averted (hopefully).

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What an odd episode. It wasn't quite boring, but, unfortunately, it wasn't quite interesting either. I am not sure if I was let down because of the teaser from last week or if it was just dull. I was expecting a huge vomit chunk of an episode focusing on Chakotay being unfaithful to Janeway with the tacky Alien Babe of The Week (ABOTW). If you are about to point out that Chakotay can't be unfaithful to Janeway because there is nothing between them… shut up. I think I was so distracted by the holes in this episode, I could not fully enjoy it. Mostly, however, I was tensing for the kiss with ABOTW and figured that, since she was an 8472 in disguise, that ONCE AGAIN Chakotay was going to be the IDOTW (Idiot Dupe of The Week). At least I was pleasantly surprised in that.

The zing seems to have left the writers' imagination when it comes to dialogue. Again. I am noticing that, each week, there is less and less snappy repartee between characters. There was only a little in In The Flesh between Harry and Tom (Harry: "..the last 8472 I met tried to dissolve me from the inside out…") and a little between the EMH and Boobie. But none of it was spectacular. And there certainly wasn't very much. Most of the dialogue was just the dry storytelling of freshman English. ! Although, I must add that I found it quite ironic when "Boothby" said that the Borg were irrelevant.

The acting award this week certainly would not go to our favorite First Officer. I am not sure what he was doing with the ABOTW, but I wouldn't exactly call that kissing. More like posturing. It reminded me of the stiff, wooden Doris-Day-Rock-Hudson-Mustn't-Let-the-Public-See-Tongue kisses from the '50's and '60's. I think the last "kiss" was the worst. But then Chakotay dimpled into the camera and I almost forget how bad that kiss was. Almost.

J/C MOMENT! Sort of. I loved their little scene together in astrophysics (or where ever they were). The best line from this episode was from Chak-a-Chak-a-Burnin'-Love as he said to his Juliet, "…and those are the orders that brought us together." :: :sigh::: I always adore their banter and thought they were adorable when reminiscing about Starfleet. Granted, Kathryn was checking to make sure he was really Chakotay and not some grotesque alien, but please just let me enjoy these all too seldom moments! . They scene continued in sickbay when the doctor verified that Chakotay was Chakotay (couldn't he tell by the crappy acting?). I was touched when Kathryn jokingly reminded Chakotay of his midnight curfew and again when she sadly walked away. Our fanfic writers should really have some great stories out of this.

My "Questions, Catty Comments, and Other Observations" section is just overflowing, so…

Questions, Catty Comments, and Other Observations:

  1. I quite like Kathryn's hair lately, except for that poofy scene in sickbay. She looks much younger and brighter. Chakotay's hair, on the other hand, looked a very dyed, flat black in the sun.
  2. Why wasn't the Delta Flyer detected by the aliens? It was just sitting there in the open.
  3. Why didn't Archer (ABOTW) or "Boothby" or anyone else notice that Chakotay's pips weren't the same as theirs. That should have been an instant giveaway that the jig was up.
  4. Where did Species 8472 get their information? How would it be possible that they have SUCH detailed information on Starfleet? Down to "Boothby's" gestures and speech patterns? I think NOT! And how would they know that "Boothby" frequently gave Kathryn roses? That is one hell of a database!
  5. Why would there be a Ferengi in Starfleet? I was under the impression that Nog was the first one and joined after Voyager was stranded in the Delta Quadrant. Why would that have been included in this super-database?
  6. Pon Farr night at the local Vulcan Lounge? Oh PLEASE! If the Vulcans aren't going to discuss this with their EMH, I seriously doubt they would have an entire night devoted to it! And why would they need a nightclub? This is not the party race of the galaxy.
  7. When did Mary Lou Retton join the cast and crew of Voyager? I am referring, of course, to Balance Beam Barbie. Her new uniform is ridiculous. I can't believe I am saying this, but I think I miss the old one. You know, the brown spray paint.
  8. Speaking of my favorite Borg, where exactly does she bathe? We have seen her "quarters" in the converted cargo bay with the regeneration booths, but where does she utilize the personal facilities (quite a tactful way of asking where she pees, don't you think?)?
  9. I noticed that Paris used yet ANOTHER 20th Century Earth reference by describing the American towns that the Soviets used to imitate. Don't these people have any other history but Earth in the 20th Century? And they wonder why they haven't won an Emmy for best writing. Gee, the mystery confounds us all.
  10. I found it particularly racist, and unbelievable, of Harry to state that he always wanted to date an alien and of Tom to say that he doesn't date outside of the galaxy. Very closed-minded. And I was under the impression that if it moved, Tom would date it.
  11. I find it highly improbable to think that Species 8472 would have all of this information about Starfleet but not know how many ships were in the Delta Quadrant and not know that Voyager was alone. By the information that they had, they could clearly infer the level of Starfleet technology and deduce that they were not planning to invade the fluidic space.
  12. I noticed that Kathryn said to "Boothby" that Voyager hadn't been in contact with Starfleet for over four years. Umm….may I remind of her last season and the array?
  13. How exactly did 8472 plan to get to Earth? Did they know how far away it was? Or do they have a better way of getting there? Don't tell me that Mama Janeway forgot to ask!

Rating: Dull episode, bored Cilla, boring review. In fact…I am too bored to think about this episode anymore.