A Triple Drabble by Delta Story

November 2006

Inspiration for these words come from Gilly's fabulous fiddle above, "Leonardo's Studio" and the song, "In Her Eyes", sung by Josh Groban on his CD "Awake" You can beat these two geniuses!


No words are needed, for the reflections in your eyes tell me more than I ever wanted to know, opening your soul to me, overwhelming me with your love. The fires within you consume me, your passions besiege my being; I am no longer alone but melded into everything you are.

I waited for so long, wondering if the time would ever come that you would see in my eyes what I have so long fathomed in yours, looking beyond the façade you kept between us. For so long that curtain hung heavily over your inner being, never allowing the blaze of love shine, masking out its glorious light.

But now all is revealed, the drape is drawn wide open; nothing is hidden. If I thought that you were formidable before, I am more frightened by what I see now; in your love, you see me as someone I cannot be.

You think me an angel, as your hero, your savior – but I am just a man, trying to love you as you want to be loved. You look to me for steadfastness, to be your anchor, but how can that be when your love releases me, freeing me to soar higher?

Perhaps I should allow you to pull me back into you, let you grasp at my lifeline and pull me into the safe harbor of your love. For there and there alone I find my inspiration, my rock, my salvation. In you, I find that refuge for my wanderings, for my hunger, for my unrest.

Your truth makes me stronger, your strength gives me hope; you believe in the communion of our souls. In your eyes, I can see the universe and far beyond, and I give myself to you completely, until the end of time and eternity.

~ The End ~

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