Added January 21, 2006!

Yes, that's it -- some Wedgewood blue toile wallpaper above fruitwood wainscoting
around the perimeter, crystal pendant fixtures above each work station...
what do you think, Chakotay?

Tom was right -- you need to chug at least a liter of Romulan ale
before reading any of B'Elanna's Klingon romances...

I guess this will teach you to wander into
another alien tattoo parlor anytime soon!

Sneaky, Captain -- I never knew that you could
mount nano-videotransmitters into sonic shower stalls...

Are you sure that no one will know if we have a 'woodsie'?

And then the blonde says, "I think..." and poof! She disappears...*

Put the phase rifle down, Kathryn -- we can explain everything...

Okay -- you check out the Pottery Barn and I'll look into
Crate & Barrel; we'll meet back at the food court at 1730...

I calculate that the effervescence of one glass of
this beverage produces 1.753 cubic feet of carbon dioxide
-- and one hell of a hangover when partaken by Seven...

Care to tell me what you were trying to prove
under the table with your feet during staff meeting?

Oh, don't mind B'Elanna -- she always gets
like this when I touch her here...

Well, I'll be danged -- Tom is right:
her right boob is larger than her left!

And if you switch it to this channel, you can see
what the Captain does in her bathtub...

I tell you -- one bite of these Tragellian froomites
and she'll do anything you want!

Chakotay, why are there long blonde hairs all over your tunic?

Since you say it's all in the interest of scientific research, Captain,
I'll share the results of the Commander's analysis with you.
He produces 7.28 ml. of seminal fluid per ejaculate...
and 97.8% of those little guys swim for all they're worth!

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