Added may 25, 2005!

These pictures are captioned by some of the readers of Trekker Treats. My thanks to all who submitted their ideas to this latest funpage...

      • "All three of you at the same time? I'm on...but can we at least get a room?" (Kat Lady)

      • "I'll kill Paris! In the last three minute he's been checking Kathryn out!" (Constanze)

      • (omnipresent VAMB narrator): Wait a minute...Chakotay and Tom are checking out Tuvok, Tuvok is checking out the Captain, and the Captain is checking out every buffed stud on the beach...definitely not some of the preferred pairings of this board! (MzDaniela)

      • Janeway: *Now why is it the Vulcan is the only one not going gaga over the women here?* (Mriana)

      • Chakotay: *Yeah... right... Vulcan... no emotions... immuned to her charms... hah. Then why the great big bulge in your pants? Hell, even Paris has noticed it.* (Joanie)

      • "Kathryn, if you'd just bend forward a little, it mightn't be as uncomfortable." (Kat Lady)

      • "Watch it Chakotay! I'm here! So put your eyes back into your head!" (Mriana)

      • " "Kathryn what's wrong?"
        "I believe I have smog in my eye."

      • " of LA. If we can just find Braga's ancestors we can kill them....wipe out the gene pool." (Kat Lady)

      • "Los Angeles?? We're supposed to be in San Francisco!! That's it. Our 'brilliant' navigator Mr. Paris just earned himself another demotion. "(Mz Daniela)

      • Kathryn: "Would you look at this. They're calling this thing a map tour to the stars. But all I see listed here is something weird called a Michael Jackson." (Joanie)

      • "Come on Kathryn...order some. We could have fun with 20th century sex toys." (Kat Lady)

      • "Humm... Maybe the Karma Sutra with Kathryn would be a lot of fun" (Mriana)

      • "Too late Kathryn -- saw that nudie shot of you. Come on click back again." (Joanie)

      • "Oh God...why did I eat my own cooking... " (Kat Lady)

      • "Now these women on these nude beaches... Well, I don't think they are a hoax. I'd to beam down and see for myself." (Mriana)

      • "That's it... NO more pleeka rind caserole for me. BURP!!!!! " (Joanie)

      • "Did you see the size of that hologram's hard-on?" (Kat Lady)

      • "Tom, what are you WEARING?" (Constanze)

      • "Ahem...Captain, can I stay on shore leave for another few hours? You see, Cutie behind me here asked me to join him in the jacuzzi, and in the sauna afterwards, so this could take a while longer..."
        (Mz Daniela)

      • "What muscles that stud has!" (Mriana)

      • "Damn Chakotay a speedo, maybe twenty pounds ago but now...eww! ." (Joanie)

      • "God, I wish they'd all leave. I just want to throw him on the table and screw his brains out." (Kat Lady)

      • " I do wish the men would stop looking at those women on the nude beach, especially Chakotay! I'd rather see him admiring me in my birthday suit.." (Mriana)

      • "Oh sure they both faun all over me. But the minute a blond comes into view it's as if i don't even exist."(Joanie)

      • Chakotay: "Kathryn, aren't you getting to carried away? I just kissed her on the cheek!" (Belanna)

      • "Kathryn just found out about me and Seven of Nine, Doc! You haven't seen me - right?!" (Gilly)

      • "Must...escape...Seven...on Valentra!!!" (Horsie)

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