Added April 2, 2005!

He can look so angelic when he's asleep!

Chakotay, don't worry about it. It happens to every man every once in a while...

Paris... Smarish. When you can't be with the one you love,
love the one you're with!

Honest, Kathryn --- my hands haven't been anywhere near you!

Doggone it -- why is it anytime I try to cook
it ends up tasting like dishwater?

Chakotay, something tells me we should have
taken a left back at the magenta nebula...

I've got to stop reading these hot fanfic stories before going to bed...

He said we were going to play a game. First, I was to pull
my ear like this, and then I was supposed to pull his...

Janeway finds a way to get rid of Tom's idiotic luau holodeck program

Doc, you mean I can't have even a single Dorito on this Atkins diet?

Um... the Commander? Uh... no; I don't have any idea where he is!

Uh, oh. I think it's time for Chakotay to pull out the ole Head and Shoulders again...

Neelix and Chakotay examine the eggs from their new 'chicken'

Okay... if I leave out the bubbles, will you take a bath with me?

All right, we've got to figure out a survival plan.
Tuvok, you're in charge of finding a means of transport;
Tom, you get the pizza and beer.
Chakotay, how about your finding a room for you and me?

Uh, Chakotay -- I think you'd better put the horse back into the stall...

Come on, Kathryn -- it's your birthday...
time to celebrate, not celebate!

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