Some more captioned screen caps from Season 2...

Actually, Commander, I can think of a very stimulating... er...
good use for this spare part...

Chakotay, the newly assigned Minister of Silly Walks
in the Delta Quadrant

Mister, you touch anything other than the comm badge,
and you're cosmic toast!

Ooooo... ah... yes... finally! Why is it that your back always itches
in the wrong place when there's no one around to scratch it for you?

At Janeway's order, Neelix is escorted to the cargo bay airlock
where he will personally dispose of his latest leola root concoction.

Chakotay shows Crewman O'Brien the little-known
Starfleet protocol of sacrificing virgins to stem off Borg attacks

Kathryn demonstrates to Chakotay that she indeed does know
how to pucker her lips.

Watch it, Doc --- I'm Ocampan, I'm telekinetic and I have PMS!

You're getting sleepy... very sleepy. Now we'll go to my quarters
where you will follow all my commands. When you awake, you'll remember nothing!

Neelix introduces the captain to his array
of Atkins-friendly menu choices.

Okay, let's see. This button is for forward... this one is for landing...
AHA! Here's the one for "shuttlecraft crash"...

So, Chakotay... I take it you're not too thrilled about my suggestion
of you and the Captain doubledating with Tom and me
in the holodeck program of "Klingon Passion Orgy"?

Captain, I think we've got company, although he seems more
of a sanity threat than a physical one.
He's muttering something about a 'pineapple under the sea'...

I wonder how long it's going to take her to notice
that I'm not wearing any pants??

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