First... here are the FAVORS...

Nobody can leave a party without a special favor!
As a 'thank you' for your support over these five years,
I'd like to send you a special something.

The first hundred folks who send me their snail mail addys
will get a small token of my thanks.

If you tried to email me with your address prior to the date above and had it bounce,
PLEASE try again -- seems that the address I used was 'old' by Yahoo! standards.
It's fixed now, thanks to J.M.'s heads-up alert!

You can mail me here: delta_story@yahoo.com

... and now on to the PRIZES!

However.. you're going to have to 'work' a little bit for these!

It's a 'given' that the very favorite J/c episode on VOYAGER was "Resolutions" -- no brainer, right? But what about other favorite J/C episodes? What would you chose?

June 15th --- You've voted and selected; my patient and understanding husband
drew three names from the 132 folks who participated...
you can find ALL the results on the CONTEST RESULTS AND WINNERS page.

Thanks to each and every one of you who played along.
Hope you enjoyed the birthday party, too!

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