Bedtime Story #2

~ a PG-13 drabble by Delta Story based on a fiddle by Tachyon ~

October 2009

"Tell me a story, Chakotay."

"I thought you didn't like my stories, Kathryn."

"It all depends on the setting. And I like where we're 'setting' right now."

"Well, let’s see – how do I begin? Wait – I know! Once upon a time there was..."

"Will there be a happy ending, Chakotay?"

"Probably. Now -- do you want me to tell you a story or not, Kathryn?"

"I’ve changed my mind,” she smirked. “How about we just skip to the ending?"

"Hmmm – I think this is more of a beginning," he smiled, as he eased her down into the softness around them.

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