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May 14, 2013

Fifteen years ago, on May 14, 1998, Trekker Treats was "born", after a LONG labor! ;-)
Lots has happened over those years but my love of VOYAGER still remains.
Here's a little something to commemorate this milestone:TT's Fifteenth


October 15, 2011

    Life marches on and I'm finding that not only is the ole body slowing down (I guess it's allowed to do that, as I turn 70 in a couple more weeks. Groan; where has the time gone?) but I'm not writing as much as I used to, either. However, a couple more stories popped into my head in recent months and you can find them here:

    • Love Happens...
      J/C (PG) April 2011
      Janeway and Chakotay come back from an away mission with a surprise for the crew, one that they know will change the dynamics on Voyager.

    • Somewhere Only We Know
      J/C (PG) September 2011
      During the toughest times, we find out who our true friends are. Back in the Alpha Quadrant, Kathryn Janeway finds this out as the Voyager crew all rally to her aid and Chakotay puts his own life on the line for her.

April 22, 2011

    'Tis Peeps season again and after a couple years' "break", I've managed to come up with some new pictures for PEEPS ON VOYAGER - 2011 Edition. Here's hoping they bring you a few chuckles.

    Want to get lost in a great, new long read? Cheshire has come up with a story that really fills this bill. She teased us first with a TRAILER for her mulit-chapter story and then finally gave us the story. So, for one heck of an adventure, read A DANGEROUS WOMAN

    January 25, 2010 -- Happy New Year, everyone! Over the past few weeks, I've been trying to replace all the coding within this new website and hopefully, the job is pretty much done. I'm sure there will be broken links to appear every now and then, but hopefully, all the major ones are there: all the J/C Picture of the Day Archives are okay; the thousands of pictures in SCREEN CAPS should be linked appropriately and all the stories should be accessible. Again, if you have any problems, please let me know.

    I've also managed a new story, written for a holiday story exchange. It's a bit wacky and light, so you don't have to put on a thinking cap for this PG-13 tale: JUST SAY THE WORD

    Hopefully, I can get back to working on some more screen caps, a long-overdue task.

    You may have noticed that for the J/C Picture of the Day this year, I'm trying to fill all of the days with fiddles by the wonderful Camryn. Yes, I do believe the woman has enough to cover the entire year!

    Oh -- and take a look at the LINKS page for a couple new recommended sites.

    November 8, 2009 Its obvious that if you're reading this, you have found Trekker Treats new url. If you tried to find it during the past ten days or so while it was in cyber limbo with all the changes at Yahoo, I apologize I couldnt even get into the file manager to post an update. However, its here now and you may want to update your bookmarks. Its a .org because the [deltastory].com was already taken. One small problem: not all the links transferred so Im having to dig through the files and correct them manually. I think all the story links work (please let me know if they arent) but many of the images will not link. Im starting with the 2009 J/C POD pictures and then working through everything alphabetically. The screen caps will take the longest, as there are probably 2-3 thousand of them, so they will probably be the last to get done.

    In the meantime, here are a few new things. The first one is a bit dated (it was supposed to have been a Halloween treat!). Its a scrapbook of fiddles, many used as a POD in October: J/C FUN AND FANTASY. Secondly is a little drabble inspired by a terrific fiddle by Tachyon: BEDTIME STORY #2 Lastly, theres a wonderful new VOY video creator by the name of Kathryn J. I heartily recommend her work; you can find it here: VIDEOS by KATHRYN J

    Again, my friends, thanks for your years of loyalty and patience with this update. Im hoping we can share our common interests for many more years to come.

    July 16, 2009 - Thanks to all of you who gave Trekker Treats such an overwhelming vote of confidence in my poll of the last month. Because of this, along with letters from a lot of you, I've decided to keep the page going. Also during the past month, more news has come from Yahoo and they have made me an offer I can't refuse - so, I'll be keeping the site with Yahoo. Nothing will change in how you access the page until late October 2009, when the site address will become a domain. More about that in a month or two!

    During this last month, I've been transferring all the site contents to one location, as I had been 'storing' a lot of files, especially graphic files, at other places. As a result, I discovered several episodes that had more screencap pictures on file than I had posted, so you might want to check out the updated episodes over at SCREENCAPS.

    And I found a bit of time with all of this 'busy' work to add a new page of VOYAGER DEMOTIVATIONAL POSTERS.

    Again, thanks for all your support!

    June 16, 2009 -- I've got some new things here at Trekker Treats... and then a bit of 'business'.

    First off... believe it or not, two new stories! The first one, the longest I've written in quite awhile, is an NC-17 response to a challenge to do 'Caretaker' from Chakotay's POV. So, here's what came of that request: HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER. The second story (PG) takes place late in Voyager's journey, when Janeway receives A SECOND LETTER FROM MARK.

    If you have been enjoying the J/C Picture of the Day this year with the pictures all being fiddles, you may have noticed that the fiddles featured this month are all J/C wedding pictures. These pictures have been done by the contributors to the J/C POD -- some of them are old, many are new especially for this month. However, several of the fiddlers got so busy that there are many more pictures than there are days in the month! So, in order that you can enjoy all of their efforts, I've compiled them into one presentation, A HEARTFELT CELEBRATION. (Many thanks to all of these terrific artists: Belanna, Gates, Gilly, Rachael, Starfleet Rebel, Tayryn and Tachyon)

    I'd like to introduce you to a couple of the best of the new/current J/C writers (imho!) I've added links for them on my 'Links' page, but here are their sites without having to go to the linkspage. If you haven't read anything by either of them, you are in for a real treat! Check out stories by ELEM and KIM J. Elem's stories always come with happy endings, while Kim frequently writes from a much darker perspective.

    Lastly, as some of you may know, geocities will cease to exist sometime this summer. I've hosted Trekker Treats with geocities since it May, 1998, and I've got a tough decision to make. Yahoo/geocities isn't saying yet if Yahoo will be taking over the paid geocities sites (which Trekker Treats is) or if they will just disappear into some cyber black hole. I've got TONS of stuff on this site and the thought of moving it is overwhelming, and I'm tempted just to let it go. Here's where you come in -- please take a couple minutes to vote in the poll below and let me know your opinion. All votes are anonymous, so if you tell me to 'stuff it', I will... no offense taken! If you have any other suggestions, please email me: delta_story@yahoo.com Another option to be advised of any changes in the url for Trekker Treats would be to sign up on my mailing list, found on the bottom of this page. Thanks in advance... and thanks for your readership over the years.

    April 2009 --- A couple new additions to Trekker Treats...

    If you have read "Full Circle" by Kristen Beyer, I've done a little epilogue to the epilogue called WITHOUT A DOUBT. (btw... it's rated PG-13)

    And I've been trying my hand at some fiddling again -- some with success, others not quite to my satisfaction. For better or worse, you can find them on FUNPAGE #27

    Life has sort of settled down and I'm starting to feel the muse again, so maybe there will be some new stories forthcoming!

    October 8, 2008 -- Surprise... I'm still around! It's just been a rather hectic few months in RL.

    However, I have been writing a bit, so there are three 'new' stories that I've finally posted. The first one, CATCH ME AS I FALL, is a PG rated J/C addition to the strong B'Elanna episode, "Extreme Risk".

    The other two stories are rated as R for varying reasons. XO-ALPHA is a multi-media presentation, while PLUCKING GOOD is an unusual conversation between Chakotay and Neelix.

    I'm going to try to get some more screen caps done in the next month or so. Let me know if there's an episode you would be especially interested in having me work on!

    March 18, 2008 -- Here are several light contributions that I hope will give you a few minutes of fun during these early spring days.

    First, in honor of the season (and after having missed doing it last year), is the third edition of PEEPS ON VOYAGER. Yes, those little marshmallow guys are creating all sorts of havoc once more...

    Another repeat is another page of DEMOTIVATIONAL POSTERS, ala Voyager style.

    Lastly, after a couple friends nagged me for weeks, I've added some more SCRAMBLED VOYAGER jigsaw puzzles.

    Here's hoping there's something here to tickle your Voyager fancy!

    February 14, 2008 -- How about a Valentine's Day update? There are a few new things that might sweeten the day for you!

    First, I've added screen caps from a couple of my favorite episodes. Although neither one is a strong J/C story, there are a lot of good screen caps of each of them here. Take a look at caps from Season Three's WORST CASE SCENARIO and one of the highlights from Season Five, BRIDE OF CHAOTICA!.

    In honor of Valentine's Day, I've worked up a couple tributes to Our Favorite First Officer. Play out your fantasy with PERFECT MAN or just indulge yourself with a little picture album, PRICELESS LOVE.

    Several folks have requested an archive of the pictures I'm using for the J/C Picture of the Day, so I've added one. I'll be updating it every seven days and you can check them out HERE.

    Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

    January 5, 2008 -- Happy New Year, everyone! I hope this long-overdue update isn't too much of a shock, but my #1 New Year's resolution is to update Trekker Treats more frequently this year.

    As you may have noticed in the section directly above, I'm going to be a posting a J/C Picture of the Day -- each day, there will be a new picture of J/C or either of them individually. Most will be screen caps, but I may throw in a few wonderful fiddles by Camryn or Gilly, too.

    I've got a couple new stories for you -- okay, so the first one isn't all that new but it might be to you: DOWN A DARK ROAD -- it's a PG-13 post-Endgame story. Next, there are two versions of a holiday story: The PG version of SAVING SANTA CLAUS is appropriate for all ages, while the NC-17 VERSION has a special NC-17 epilogue for all grown up girls and boys.

    And I finally caught up with updating Camryn's site with lots of wonderful fiddles and several yummy new stories. Check them out here: CANDIDS BY CAMRYN

    August 9, 2007 -- I'm a little slow in posting an update, but I was waiting for a few things to fall into place -- now there are all sorts of goodies!

    One major effort was doing screen caps for the seventh season VOY episode, WORKFORCE. There are more than 400 pictures here!

    Three new 'stories' are hot off the word processor: I NEVER SAID I COULD TANGO; PERFECTION and a quintet of drabbles on a variety of topics (and ratings!), SUMMERTIME DABBLING WITH DRABBLES.

    The requests keep coming for more SCRAMBLED VOYAGER PUZZLES, so there are oodles of new ones for you to try.

    Camryn has some new fiddles and a new story over at her page, CANDIDS BY CAMRYN

    Last, but certainly not least, I'm happy to be able to 'host' some wonderful captioned pictures,SCENES NEVER SEEN, by a person right after my own sense of humor, Chakotay's Guitar Girl. I hope you like them as much as I do!

    Stay cool, everyone!

    June 18, 2007 -- Those lazy, hazy days of summer are here in the Northern Hemisphere, but that doesn't mean that those of you Down Under can't enjoy a little bit of frivolity, too!

    One new story hits the pages this month -- BEDTIME STORY. Also, as the summer solstice is right around the corner, here's an NC-17 'oldie' from 1999 that you might enjoy: A MIDQUADRANT NIGHT'S DREAM.

    Camryn was a very busy lady in May and here are her fantastic fiddles from that month -- May 2007 Photo Fantasies.

    I've had several requests for more 'Scrambled Voyager' puzzles, so here are TWELVE NEW PUZZLES waiting for your pleasure.

    Okay... now who brought the margaritas?

    April 5, 2007 -- Hi, folks. Not much to add here except finally, here are those long-promised screen caps for TIMELESS. Yep, over 300 pictures from the show that many people consider the best VOY episode.

    I am working on 2-3 stories that I hope will be ready by the end of the month. In the meantime, here's a repeat of a result of too much sugar in the bloodstream and too much pollen in the nose, as those rascally Peeps pop up all over on Voyager: PEEPS ON VOYAGER and PEEPS ON VOYAGER -- 2006 EDITION

    Happy Spring to all!

    February 12, 2007 � I�m getting a slight jump on Valentine's Day this year, as I have several new things to share. In honorng of this time of year, I've constructed two slide shows of Our Favorite Couple, using pictures of a couple of my favorite photo fiddlers. Gilly's pictures are used in something called HAPPILY EVER AFTER and you can catch some of Camryn's creations included in GLOW OF LOVE.

    I had a couple of requests to add more jigsaw puzzles, so, again using many pictures by these terrific ladies, I�ve added fifteen new JigZone puzzles at SCRAMBLED VOYAGER .

    In the way of 'something old, something new', I've added some new 'romantic' recipes at VOYAGER'S VALENTINES. Neelix has managed to come up with some new goodies at COOKING NEWS from NEELIX.

    Other oldies here at Trekker Treats that celebrate the season of love include a story from 1998, LOVE GAMES and a Valentine story from last year, ROSES ARE RED, HEARTS ARE BLUE.

    CANDIDS BY CAMRYN has been updated with all her contributions for January 2007.

    And yes -- I know I've promised screen caps from TIMELESS -- they're coming... they're coming!.

    January 20, 2007 -- Happy New Year!

    Okay, so don't spew whatever beverage you're consuming all over he monitor screen... yes, I am finally getting around to an update! After several weeks of hassling with TPTB at Yahoo, they reinstated my account with full honors and it appears that all of the problems are behind us now. But, shortly after that, my computer had to go in for some Major Maintenance and I'm just now getting back to whatever state is normal for me.{g}

    Anyway, there are a couple of stories and a triple drabble I've written in the interim and they still might be new to you: BEHIND THE CLOSED DOOR is a PG-13 J/C ficlet taking place shortly after Voyager's return to the Alpha Quadrant. EVASIVE MANUVEURS, also rated PG-13, takes a look at the Janeway/Paris relationship early in the voyage. Lastly, IN YOUR EYES is the triple drabble, inspired by one of Gilly's magnificent fiddles.

    I've added a new graphics site that is a spoof on all those cloying 'motivational' posters you've seen over the years. I'm calling these Voyager-based pictures VOYAGER DEMOTIVATIONAL POSTERS

    There's also a new page for a German friend who shares my particular form of humor with her captioned pictures. You might get some good chuckles from FUN with PICTURES by FAWKES.

    September 12, 2006 -- I was fortunate in getting to attend the Star Trek 40th Anniversary Celebration in Chicago this past weekend and have posted a report -- along with pictures -- HERE.

    There's also a new story -- short but hopefully satisfying. Called TEMPTATION, its inspiration was a fiddle by Camryn by the same name.

    I've also done an update of CANDIDS BY CAMRYN, with new fiddles and a couple delightful stories.

    Finally, if you liked "The Killing Game", I've posted over 200 screen caps from the double episode: THE KILLING GAME.

    July 14, 2006 -- Yeah, yeah; I know -- long time, no update! Hopefully the following will make up for the long hiatus.

    I've got two new stories, both very much NC-17... you have been warned! {g}
    STARRY, STARRY NIGHTS was written for a 'secret' story exchange and JOY IN THE MORNING is a pictorial story, done joinly with that wonderful fiddler woman, Camryn.

    Speaking about Camryn, you can catch a massive update of her webpage, including over 100 'new' fiddles and several amazing stories. Check them out at CANDIDS BY CAMRYN

    Lastly for right now here is a new screen cap posting, this time from THE 37's, a remarkably strong J/C episode that opened VOY's second season.

    May 26, 2006 -- My friend, Camryn, is quite a fiddler whose talent has grown exponentially -- you would swear that her pictures are real screen caps! (Or at least screen caps we wish were real!) In looking at a few recently, hoping for some inspiration, I realized that ALL of them were inspirations -- and thus came forth PICTURE PERFECT, a pictoral story, using a ton of her luscious pictures, woven together with my story text.

    And, as promised, here are a 'few' more pictures from RESOLUTIONS --- scroll down the page to sections 8a ("Sturm und Drang") and 8b ("Aftermath").

    May 4, 2006 -- Time to put up the Peeps for another year, but you can always find them tucked away among my DIDDLED FUNPAGES

    I've gone back to Season One for my latest screen caps and added caps from THE CLOUD and EYE OF THE NEEDLE. I've upgraded my photo-enhancement software and was able to get lots of light and bright shots of Janeway in that infamous pink nightgown!

    Coming next: I'm working on a new story and there will be at least one new funpage of captioned pictures. Oh yes -- and I'll be adding some more pictures from "Resolutions". {g}

    April 14, 2006 -- Not too much right now, but some of you may remember a bit of fun I had last year with a little thing called "Peeps on Voyager". With all the screen caps I've done in the past year, hundreds more pictures made themselves available for the seasonal invasion of these sweet little things. All of this resulted in:


    Hope they bring you a few chuckles!

    March 25, 2006 -- As promised, I've got screen caps ready from another couple popular episodes from Season 4:

    The ever-wonderful, multi-talented Gilly H. came up with a captioned fiddle based on a couple caps from "Waking Moments" and it inspired a bit of doggerel from me called
    THE PROOF IS IN THE PUNCH. Please don't groan too hard! ;-)

    March 10, 2006 -- We all know that new VOY and J/C stories are getting more and more rare and it seems that everything that can be written has been. However, I have a recommendation for you that will absolutely blow you away, a new story ( a novelette, really) by Kat Lady entitled MEMORIES AND DREAMS. It's not her usual NC-17 frolic, but a poignant, insightful PG-13 piece that took her two years to write. A bit of a warning: it's not an easy read and chances are you will be haunted by it for days. It will take you a couple of hours to read it, but I guarantee this will be time well spent.

    On the lighter side, here are my most recent screen caps:

    (Next up with screen caps: "Hunters" and "Prey")

    February 16, 2006 -- May you be warm and dug out of snow, wherever you are! If not, maybe some of these goodies (plus a big mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows!) will help keep the cold away:

    New screen caps from two more episodes from Season 4 -- lots of 'em from the second one, just because I think KJ looks so darn good in it... and because I'm a daVinci 'groupie' {bg}:

    And there are two new fanfic contributions:

    January 25, 2006 - Hmm; funny how 'two weeks' becomes six when you move 1300 miles away! Anyway... as the old saying goes, Better late than never. So... finally a new update at Trekker Treats!

    No new stories, but new SCREEN CAPS (from "Before and After" and "Mortal Coil") and new FUNPAGE of captioned pictures.

    While I'm mentioning visuals, if you haven't discovered the wonderful videos by Belanna and Saffron, do check them out. These gals do some terrific work. Here are their urls:

    Next update, I hope to have at least one new story for you. ;-)

    December 12, 2005 -- I'm going to be off-line for a couple of weeks but did want to take a moment to wish everyone a Merry Christmas/Happy Holiday season. I don't have much new, except for a new fiddled picture:

    ...and a reminder of a short roster of my holiday stories written over the years:

    Have a blessed, happy and healthy holiday, my friends!

      November 25, 2005 -- With a 1600 mile move coming up in two weeks, I haven't been doing too much in my favorite 'other life' of Voyager. However, I did manage to finish the screen caps from YEAR OF HELL, Part 2. Hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I did doing them.

      I do hope to get one more update done before I 'lose' my computer for a while with the move. Check back in a couple of weeks!

      October 24, 2005 -- Sorry about no recent updates, folks -- life is moving at transwarp speed as we are pulling up roots from our home of twenty-seven years and moving 1600 miles away. Anyway, I saw a break in all the packing and cleaning, so here are a couple of things that have been waiting in the wings:

    • Screen caps from YEAR OF HELL, Part 1
      (I'm hoping to get Part Two up in the next couple of weeks...)

    • One new story this time around -- another NC-17 one, which came about because of an online discussion: CURING CHAKOTAY

    • Finally, a couple old but 'seasonal' stories. As Halloween approaches, you might enjoy encore presentations of them:

      • GHOSTS, a tale set in the ancient meaning of the 'celebration'


      • SPIRITED AWAY, a fun little piece with horrible doggerel poetry and tacky fiddled pictures.

      September 9, 2005 -- A few little tidbits for your weekend:

        August 17, 2005 --- Here are a few new things to help you survive the Dog Days of Summer...
        • I've gone back to Season 4 (for now) for screen caps -- here are pictures from the next three epsiodes:

        • A new story, something that started out serious and then ended up as a bit of fluffy silliness: PROMOTION

        • The 'Caretaker' screen caps inspired a little drabble: LEATHER & LACE

          • And there was an update at Camryn's page, with lots of her fine fiddles, a couple of weeks ago: CANDIDS BY CAMRYN

            July 22,2005 --- Time for a a few more additions here at TT !

            • I decided to go back to the beginning of it all -- here are screencaps (125 of them!) from CARETAKER.

            • A new story, if you didn't read it at the Blue Alert contest: KATIE, KATIE, QUITE CONTRARY -- WHAT DOES YOUR GARDEN GROW? Gentle reminder -- it's NC-17! ;-)

            • A couple of stories that might be 'new to you'... I wrote them awhile ago, but they never got 'listed' on my story pages. Both of them are rated 'R':

            • New funpage, with screencap captions submitted by others: FUNPAGE #25

              July 1, 2005 --- Here's a 'small' update as we in the North American continent head into a holiday weekend: Happy Canada Day and Independence Day to all of you in Canada and the US!

              • LOTS of new screen caps from two of my favorite episodes, SCORPION, Part 1 and SCORPION, Part 2.

              • THIRTY new fiddled pictures at CANDIDS BY CAMRYN (Be sure to check out the "Baby on Board" ones -- even for a non-baby person like me, they're a pure delight!)

              • A new story, although at this time, you can read it only at:

                Check under the "NEW STORY" category...

                Remember that this contest is for NC-17 stories only... you know the drill!
                Another bit of a warning -- it's a wee bit weird... :-)

              Stay cool, calm, safe and collected, my friends!

              May 24, 2005 -- Many thanks to those of you who let me know that you liked the 'new look' here at Trekker Treats, including a couple comments on how it was easier to find things now! {bg} I've got a few new things for you today that might amuse you for a few moments:

              • New screen caps from THE DARKLING, RISE and FAVORITE SON (Okay -- I know that these aren't really in anyone's Top Ten -- or even Top 100 list... but there were some interesting shots to be seen.)

              • Two new funpages with captions submitted by friends for some of my screen caps: FUNPAGE #23 and FUNPAGE #24

              • New fiddled pictures and drabbles at CANDIDS BY CAMRYN

              May 14, 2005 -- Today is the seventh anniversary of TREKKER TREATS and I decided that it was time for a bit of a face lift! So, with the help of the wonderful and talented Gilly Hoyle, TT has a brand new look on its home page and index pages. Gilly made the gorgeous graphic you see above, designed the layered background look and made the title tags -- all that for an offering of chocolate! {bg}

              In addition to the new look, there are a few more additions and (hopefully) noticeable improvements. I've updated my links page, deleting links that no longer work and adding some new ones. You'll also find the following for your weekend pleasure:

            • I've also restored four scenes from "Resolutions" over at the QUICKTAKES page. (I had to take them down due to lack of space, but that problem has now been 'solved'.)

              I hope you enjoy the new 'look' and that it's streamlining helps you get around better. As always, I'm interested in any comments; of course, good ones are appreciated more than boo's! ;-)

              May 6, 2005 -- I'ved added screen caps from UNITY and THIRTY DAYS. (This latter episode is a bit out of order, but was requested by a 'reader'... it has some great J/P and P/T scenes... and... Captain Proton!) :-)

              April 22, 2005 -- Screen caps from BLOOD FEVER are up!

              Speaking about pictures, there's a new J/C 'fiddler' around by the name of Camryn. You can check out her work at her site: CANDIDS BY CAMRYN (Be sure to send her some nice feedback so we're guaranteed many more of her pictures! [bg]!)

              April 15, 2005 -- I've been in another world this week doing the 200 or so screen caps from CODA. The intense 'viewings' also inspired a drabble which I've added ahead of the page listings for the caps. Sorry -- no "Blood Fever" yet. Gotta take a short break from "Coda" first! ;-)

              April 8, 2005 -- There's a new story today, a little bit of R-rated fluff called LADIES' NIGHT ON VOYAGER. Then there are screen caps from two more episodes, FAIR TRADE and ALTER EGO (Athough "Alter Ego" is a Kim/Tuvok story, this is also the Luau Episode, with lots of good J/C and P/T!)

              Next week -- Screen caps from "Coda" and "Blood Fever"!

              April 2, 2005 -- It's been quite a while since I added a funpage, so here's a new one. FUNPAGE #22 has 18 captioned pictures, some of them 'fiddled' for your viewing pleasure.

              March 25, 2005 -- A little something for those of you with a sweet tooth... how about PEEPS ON VOYAGER for a little bit of fun and games? Then -- to get rid of that sickly sweet taste, take a look at the screen caps from MACROCOSM... you know, the "Rambo Kate" episode.

              March18, 2005 -- More screen caps, this time from THE Q AND THE GREY. There are quite a few here, mainly because this is one of those episodes that just has too many good things going for it! As I said before, when you work really close with these pictures while preparing them, you see so much more than you ever see on a TV screen!

              March18, 2005 -- More screen caps, this time from THE Q AND THE GREY. There are quite a few here, mainly because this is one of those episodes that just has too many good things going for it! As I said before, when you work really close with these pictures while preparing them, you see so much more than you ever see on a TV screen!

              I remember hearing/reading somewhere, in a an interview with an actor, that if you work with either an animal or a kid, you might as well say goodbye to anyone else in the scene. This ep has both -- a puppy and a baby -- and both are absolutely adorable! However, I was really taken by the love and TLC that shine through in John de Lancie in the final scenes with that not-too-perfect and oh-so-cute baby. Also -- there's an entire sequence of the Qs' 'mating' scene -- mainly to observe Mulgrew's facial expressions in the background; they're priceless! Plus -- there's the phenomenal 'chemistry' between Mulgrew and de Lancie... and some of the greatest J/C shots of the series.

              Just to round things out, I've come up with a couple new DRABBLES this week. Both are sort of 'seasonal' -- one is for the Ides of March and the other has a St. Paddy's day theme... sorta! :-)

              March 10, 2005 -- As promised, here are several more pages of caps: four pages (total of 72 pictures) from FUTURE'S END. Then there's one big page from WARLORD, mainly because (1) we get to see some of Tom's holo-dolls; (2) we get to see B'Elanna's holo-boytoy; and (3) we get to see Kes kiss just about everyone! [gbg]

              March 2, 2005 -- Added screen caps from three more episodes. Click on the name to take you directly to that episode: FALSE PROFITS; REMEMBER and SACRED GROUND (There are three pages of pictures from "Sacred Ground")

              February 11, 2005 -- Time for a little romance! To set the mood for your Valentine's Day, here's a remind of some love-erly romantic Voyager fare. May any or all of them sweeten the special day for you!

                VOYAGER'S VALENTINES -- Pictures, valentines, music and even recipes for all our Voyager crew.
                SPOKEN HEARTS -- J/C pictures and candy -- what more could you want?
                LOVE GAMES -- One of my really early stories, but hopefully still a lot of fun!

              January 23, 2005 -- I got snowed in this weekend, and a friend had requested some screen caps from COUNTERPOINT. Yes; I know I went a little bit wild with them --- blame all 12 pages on the storm! :-)

              January 12, 2005 -- Added some screen caps from the third season episode, RESISTANCE -- just because KJ is so doggone gorgeous in this episode!

              January 7, 2005 -- Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season, although I know we've all been devastated by the tragedy in Asia. I hope that each of us has found a way to lend aid to the survivors of this monstrous upheaval.

              The holiday spirit awoke my J/C muse enough to come up with a short story for a Secret Santa 'present' for a friend in an online group. Then, the same group issued a 'challenge' that resulted in a double drabble.

              The story, DREAM LOVER, is a short NC-17 piece. The drabble, LEARNING CURVE: A REPRISE, has a more 'sedate' R rating and can be found on my "Drabbles" page.

              Enjoy... and may this year be your best one yet!

              December 21, 2004 -- Happy Holidays to all! In the spirit of the season, here are some of the 'seasonal' stories I've written over the years -- some might be so old that they'll be 'new' to you... ha, ha! Whatever... enjoy -- and have a blessed, safe holiday.

              Please note that some of these stories are NC-17. By clicking on the link for any NC-17 story, you have told me that you are 18 or older and are legal for such fare!

                All Around the Christmas Tree NC-17
                Oh, my... what mischief can happen when a tree goes unattended... especially in Brannon Braga's house!

                Christmas Present NC-17 Sequel to "All Around the Christmas Tree"
                It's Christmas 2003 -- and Janeway finds a NEW ornament on the Christmas tree!

                A Holiday Song (R)
                A post-Endgame version of the famous song

                New Year's Games PG-13
                A J/C start for the new year -- a little Mars/Venus story about 'new year's time' aboard Voyager

                New Year's Resolutions NC-17
                A sequel to the PG-13 story, New Year's Games, containing the scenes that just had to follow...

                The Twelve Days of Christmas, ala J/C PG-13
                An olde Christmas song with new lyrics.

                Twelfth Night PG-13
                Take a little bit of wintertime frivolity, a romantic setting, a handful of Voyager's faithful and see what happens!

                October 30, 2004 -- In the spirit of Halloween, I'd like to resurrect a couple of oldies. I like to think that I've improved a wee bit since their first outings, and many of you have probably seen them before. But a few of you still might find some fun with them. The first is a story written back in 1997, called GHOSTS Then there was a horribly sophomoric combo of *very* bad diddles (but I really didn't mean for them to be good -- ha, ha!)and fractured doggeral thrown together in one dark and stormy night back in October 2000 called SPIRITED AWAY Watch out for things that go bump in the night!

                And I truly hope to have something new up for you in the next couple of weeks!

                August 9, 2004 -- HERE are a few more captioned screen caps from Season 2. Some of them were just crying out for something other that the words of TPTB! :-)

                July 22, 2004 -- I've added some more VOY screen caps. This time, it's a simple little collection of pictures; I don't think you'll need any words added to these goodies! How about over 250 caps from RESOLUTIONS? Hope you enjoy them!

                July 16, 2004 -- I've added a page of captioned screen caps from VOY Season 2 -- check THEM out!

                July 10, 2004 -- Here's a little NC-17 J/C romp, strictly a PWP kind of thing, written for a friend who was down and wanted something with pure lust. ;-) That said, let me lead you to HAZARDS OF DUTY

                July 10, 2004 -- I'm hoping to get some new 'captioned' picture stuff up in the next week or so, as I've started doing some screen captures from my VOY DVDs. Stay tuned!

                June 10, 2004 -- Just a little bit of early summer mischievousness... I couldn't help myself when I read our local comics section this morning. HERE'S what Bad Delta did -- hee, hee!

                May 14, 2004 -- Okay, it's a little bit slow in coming, but here's the promised "next chapter" in the SHORE LEAVE series. This one is written by Turtlewoman, so I'll let her do the talking:

                    After a slight hiatus (say about 3 years) I've actually added another chapter to the Series that Delta and I started in the summer of Season 5. For those of you still interested...here are the links.

                    For those unfamiliar with the story or have for gotten it, here is the link to the :

                    SHORE LEAVE FRONT PAGE for those people who have never read the story or have forgotten it.

                    and ....AS TIME GOES BY gets you right to Chap. Five for the one or two people that actually remember the story.

                    There will be two more chapters, one of which has a fair start already.

                    -- Turtlewoman)

                And we honestly do have a pretty good start on the next chapter!:-)

                If you're over 18, there's something new at THE DARK CORNER page. After viewing this, you'll never look at "Caretaker" the same again! ;-) (Please note: by clicking on this page, you are telling me that you are over 18 years of age and approve material with sexual content!)

                As an aside note, today marks the sixth birthday of TREKKER TREATS -- I really can't believe that the site has been up that long... or that there are so many of us still "into" VOYAGER. I'll keep the page going as long as you want! The site still gets about 50 'hits' a day which I don't consider too shabby for a webpage about a show that's been off the air for three years! Thanks to all of YOU who keep this old lady going!

                March 25, 2004 -- If you're like me, spring fever is approaching rapidly. While your mind wanders a bit, here are some new puzzles to occupy your time. With the first three, at SCRAMBLED VOYAGER, I've done some 'diddling' with a few "Resolutions" pictures and some of the pictures from "Astronomy Picture of the Day". If you want some puzzles using just the APOD pictures, you can catch three new ones at SCRAMBLED COSMOS. Have fun!

                And now (gulp!) an announcement of sorts... Turtlewoman and I are resurrecting our "Shore Leave" series and try to get it completed! We last left J/C back in February 2001, standing naked, bald and, in KJ's case, blind, atop a roaring waterfall. The cyberlines are hot and heavy with our plans. So, if you're interested... stay tuned! (Whew; guess the die is cast, Turtlewoman -- I've committed us! Well... not that we shouldn't be committed anyway... ha, ha!)

                March 9, 2004 -- Well, I've 'bit the photon torpedo' so to speak and set up a 'journal'. If you want to check out my very public posting of nonsense, click on the icon found at the bottom of this section. I have no idea what sort of Pandora's box I've opened here... or, it might just become a black hole and collapse into nothingness. We'll see!

                I've done a re-write of a story (originally penned in 1998) for a group project based on Elizabeth Barrett Browning's "How Do I Love Thee". A bit of a warning -- A TIME FOR US is based on the last two lines of this beautiful sonnet.

                February 13, 2004 -- How about a nice J/C fix for Valentine's Day? I've added a couple of new things. SPOKEN HEARTS is a little bit of fun and games with pictures and a bag of Valentine candy. Then, as a bit of political incorrectness, check out this possibility!

                February 13, 2004 (part2) -- Just a bit of a reminder of Valentine's Days past -- there's VOYAGER'S VALENTINES(from 2001) that's full of pictures, recipes and music and an oldie of a story, LOVE GAMES.

                BTW (at least from my POV {g}) -- if you want the perfect music by which to read J/C stories, I still recommend JIM BRICKMAN and a more recent 'find', JOSH GROBAN. (You can find lyrics to some of Groban's lush songs at ROMANTIC SONGS.

                May your holiday weekend be filled with all that your heart desires! January 14, 2004 -- Added a new drabble, SHOCK TREATMENT. Some folks have gone so far as to call it "evil"! Hmmm...

                January 6, 2004 -- Happy New Year, all! Here's a little story to help conclude your holiday season. It's the final story in a group effort -- hope you like the results. It's low key and frothy and called TWELFTH NIGHT. Enjoy! ;-)

                October 31, 2003 -- Happy Halloween! In the spirit of the day (night?), here's a little something I've dug up from the past that just might be a treat for you: SPIRITED AWAY, a little bit of creepy doggerel with lots of pictures. Enjoy!

                July 25, 2003 -- Here's a plug for something over at my ENT page. You may have heard that the B&B guys are going for an entirely different look for the show this coming season, including (gasp!) letting T'Pol loosen up a bit. As she has now resigned from the Vulcan High Command, I thought a new wardrobe might be necessary. So -- with that in mind, here's my SOFTER SIDE OF T'POL.

                July 12, 2003 -- Here's a small 'update' for a lazy summer weekend. I've written a 'scene continuation' to follow up with where Christie Golden left us hanging at the conclusion of her latest VOY book, "The Farther Shore". So, if you haven't read the book yet and you don't want to know what happens, hold off reading my R rated story! But... if you're all caught up, here it is: MENTOR

                Also, I've been playing around with pictures again and have posted a couple new J/C 'diddles' to FUNPAGE #19. Hope you enjoy these additions!

                June 15, 2003 -- And the winners are... well, you'll just have to go check out CONTEST RESULTS AND WINNERS to find out your choices for your favorite J/C episodes... and who won the pillow, coasters and mousepad! (This has been so much fun I might do it again.{g})

                June 13, 2003 -- Just a reminder that if you haven't voted in the Favorite J/C Episode contest, one of the activities held in conjunction with TT's fifth birthday party, that the contest deadline is approaching! The contest closes at 3 PM, EDT (in the US! *bg*) on Sunday, June 15. Shortly after that, the winners' names will be drawn and I'll notify them by email.

                What more could you ask for? (1) You get to reminisce over all the great J/C moments; (2) it takes only a couple of minutes to vote and (3) you have three chances to get one of three neat prizes! (Well, *I* kinda think they're neat...) First prize is a "Starry Night in the Delta Quadrant" pillow; second prize is a set of coasters with four of my captioned "Fun Page" pictures; and third prize is a mouse pad with a collage of J/C pictures.

                Check out the contest and prizes HERE! And good luck to everyone!

                May 23, 2003 -- I wanted to post a big THANKS to all of you who have come by to party, entered the contest, requested favors and posted some very nice notes to me. The party is still going on (see the link below) so come on in!

                  If you didn't sign up for a favor, I've ordered some more -- so, if you want one, please send me your snail mail addy and I'll get it off to you!

                Also -- with the 'creative juices' still running high, I've added four new SCRAMBLED COSMOS puzzles.

                May 18, 2003 -- IT�S PARTY TIME AT TREKKER TREATS�

                And you�re invited! On May 18, 1998, Trekker Treats went �live� and it�s been a lot of fun over those five years. Now, in celebration of the event, we�re having a party. It begins now but will go on for awhile. Come and join in on the fun � there are TEN new stories; interactive games and puzzles; a J/C slideshow; lots of REAL favors and prizes; and of course an open bar at Sandrine�s! ;-) Along with virtual libation, we�ve got a barkeep who answers your questions and a chat room where you can join other attendees in real time.

                The fun begins HERE, an entry page* that starts you off with a treasure hunt. Come along and invite your friends, too; there�s plenty of room for everyone!

                Special thanks go to Cilla and monkee for their reviews during Voyager's long journey; Diane Running Horse Smith for all her help and contributions to our "Starry Night in the Delta Quadrant" project and countless others of you who have contributed in so many ways. Also� many, many thanks to my friend, Guinan, who designed, constructed and coded the entry page. You might recognize her behind the bar! {g}

                But the biggest thanks goes to all of you for your support, inspiration and wonderful comments over the years. I�ve known some of you since before the beginning of TT; others are new friends. I�ve had the pleasure of meeting some of you in person and look forward to meeting more of you in the future.

                February 27, 2003 -- Don't know about any of you, but I'm looking at yet several more inches of snow tonight and thought maybe a little update here at Trekker Treats might put me -- and, hopefully, you! -- in better spirits!

                I've done a bit of 'streamlining' of the organization of topics on this page. Take a look -- hope things are easier for you to find.

                NOW... for the additions... I've finally gotten a couple more funpages done. Check out No. 16 and No. 17 -- hopefully they will bring a smile or two to your face.

                Site facelifts must be the thing right now. A good pal of mine has recently done a bit of updating on hers. If you enjoy a bit of whackiness in your web surfing, take a look at WALTER'S INTERDIMENSIONAL STORAGE. It will certainly help with the winter blues.

                Also check out VVs 7.5 below in the Fanfic Section -- a new segment to the saga has been added!

                February 12, 2003 -- Here it is that time of year again, for sharing our love with those who mean the most to us. In the spirit of the season, here's a little something I did a couple of years ago, with pictures, Valentines, recipes and music: VOYAGER'S VALENTINES. May it help make the day special for you!

                And... just because we all know that the events of ENDGAME never happened... here's a little something for all us diehard J/Cers:

                February 3, 2003 -- Here's my tribute to STS 107 COLUMBIA

                January 7, 2003 -- Happy New Year! Although the VOY muse is in hibernation with me right now, dreams of space are still very much there! I've selected several pictures from one of my favorite non-Trek sites, ASTRONOMY PICTURE OF THE DAY (check it out below!) and incorporated them into online jigsaw puzzles. Take a look at them -- and see if they don't take you to worlds unknown! I call them SCRAMBLED COSMOS and you can find them HERE. Enjoy!

                There are two new stories at VVS 7.5, with more coming! The latest posts are "Wigglewort" and "Reconstruction Blues". They're both fine reading for a cold winter's day... or night.

                December 6, 2002 -- Need an idea for something to share with your Voyager friends this holiday season? Take a look at my JC / VOYAGER HOLIDAY CARDS! Have fun in 'creating' your own card -- chose from many images (most of them my 'diddles! :-)... various backgrounds... and music. And... Happy Holidays from Trekker Treats!

                Here's what is new at VVS 7.5 -- Truth and ConseQuences". Another story will be ready shortly!

                As a final reminder, monkee is always after me to bring back ALL AROUND THE CHRISTMAS TREE every year about this time. So... here it is -- one more time... hee,hee!

                October 30 � A couple new things for �treats� at this treat-time of the year � the gang over at VIRTUAL VOYAGER SEASON 7.5 has a new addition ready. This time, they�ve entered the shady area of yellow journalism with PURPLE PROSE FROM CELLBLOCK 74. The tabloid includes several �pictures� by yours truly as the eavesdropping paparazzi. Hope you find it as much fun as your reading all those tabloids at the grocery store! (The group turns back to their Better Stuff next month!) For those �photos� that didn�t quite make it to the above, you can check them out here RISIAN RIBALD REJECTS.

                For the seasonal reminders -- from 1997, there is one of my �personal� favorites, GHOSTS. Finally, there's the pictorial/doggerel poem, SPIRITED AWAY.

                Here�s hoping these goodies will be a real treat for you!

                October 11, 2002 - Oh my; it's been quite a while since something new has been posted here. Well, let's take care of that right now. I'm delighted to invite you to come and join in with the fun and games of VIRTUAL VOYAGER SEASON 7.5 This wonderful continuation of the Voyager saga, begun last year, kicks off an all new season this weekend. I've been invited to join this very talented group and you'll see a few of my 'creations' in the weeks to come. Wait till you see what we've got planned for our favorite crew!

                October 14--the adventure continues~

                August 21 - It�s been awhile since I�ve done an update � vacation. RW, guests� you know the drill!

                However, I�ve got something for you that I�ve really been working on for quite awhile. After a couple recent nights of insomnia, I think I�ve got it ready for your perusal: a site for creating J/C postcards! It�s still not to my complete liking (I�m not too happy with the choice of background colors and haven�t figured out how to change them, but you might like them�) I�ve added some "romantic" music midis, so you can be as smaltzy as you want. ;-) Try them out and let me know how you like them: J/C POSTCARDS (You can find the site permanently located in the "Fun Stuff" section below.)

                Also � I�ve found a "new" host that offers the SmashCast movie formats, so I�m going to work on re-creating the "Remembering J/C�" and "Celebrating the Journey". I�ll let you know as soon as they�re ready.

                In the meantime, I do hope you enjoy the J/C cards. Hope your summer has been good so far.

                July 27, 2001 - A couple of my friends have come up with some delightful "portraits" illustrating the current "Pets of Voyager" poll. Check them out HERE - they�re terrific!

                  And while we�re talking about "pictures", I decided to consolidate all of my "pictorial" stories in one place - "Saying It with Pictures" hopefully will speak for itself! :-)

                July 22, 2001 - Oh my; what an interesting last week for the �Weakest Link� poll! Although the tallies went back and forth many times, it looks as if you�ve selected B�ELANNA TORRES as the strongest person on Voyager � she �beat out� Kathryn Janeway by THREE votes� (KJ = 4991; Torres = 4988) final answer! You can check out all the results at the following places: for results of weeks #1 and #3, go HERE; for weeks #2, 4, 5, 6 and 7 go HERE.

                You�ve probably heard the rumors by now � in the upcoming new ST show, �Enterprise�, Capt. Archer supposedly is taking with his dog along with him on his starship! What if� Voyager�s crew all had pets? What kind would they be? Here�s a chance for you to have your say� and even submit a picture to �illustrate� your selection. Go to �The Pets of Voyager� poll, and make yourself known!

                Monkee has completed the second half of her all-series review of Voyager with an annotated listing of her top 30 episodes. (Well� you didn�t think she could limit this to a measly ten eps, did you?) Check them out HERE

                July 10, 2001 - NEW STORY!I've finally done a post-Endgame story! It's a good ole PG one, written as a script. I've called it CELEBRATION. Enjoy!

                June 28, 2001 - A little administrative note here. The mailing list service I've used for several years is no longer going to sponsor us "small potatoes", so I've changed servers and switched the mailing list to the terrific folks at Bravenet. If you've been meaning to join the Trekker Treats list but just haven't, maybe you would like to now. You can find the practically painless Bravenet subscription sign-up form below the Trek Today headlines. Go... now!!! :-)

                July 15, 2001 - Okay, folks -- This Is It! We're going into the last week of Voyager's Weakest Link contest. It looks as if it's an all-girl final round, as Tom Paris was quite soundly voted off as this past week's Weakest Link. To cast your VIB (very important ballot) in this final round, click HERE ... and may the best woman win!

                Also... I know how all of you have enjoyed monkee's weekly reviews. She has now written a wonderful review of the Voyager series as a whole, and you can start reading it by going to her page HERE. Enjoy, as always!

                June 19, 2001 - Monkee has come up with a delightful recapitulation of Voyager's season seven. Catch it here!

                June 7, 2001 - TT readers: I'm not a happy person today, although I guess I shouldn't gripe about having gotten to use someone else's 'software' program in order to set these up. It seems that my little multi-media efforts, "Remembering JC..." and "Celebrate the Journey!" are no more. Since there was no means for me to save it on either my hard drive or on disk, I had no back up, either. I am going to try to find something similar, in order to reconstruct them.

                June 7, 2001 - TT readers: I'm not a happy person today, although I guess I shouldn't gripe about having gotten to use someone else's 'software' program in order to set these up. It seems that my little multi-media efforts, "Remembering JC..." and "Celebrate the Journey!" are no more. Here's the letter I got yesterday from the hosting site:

                  Dear Member,

                  We regret to announce that effective immediately, we will not be offering SmashCast movies any longer on PhotoPoint. We have had to discontinue our relationship with SmashCast, the provider of the movies.

                  Unfortunately, there is no way to save your SmashCast movies, and as of today, they are no longer viewable.

                  We sincerely apologize for the removal of this service on such short notice.

                Since there was no means for me to save it on either my hard drive or on disk, I had no back up, either. I am going to try to find something similar, in order to reconstruct them.

                June 3, 2001 - Want to read something hilarious? CureBoy has written a "Weakest Link"/"Voyager" parody and he�s given me permission to post it. You can find it here� be prepared for guaranteed laughs galore!

                June 1, 2001 - It�s here; it�s here! Monkee�s review of ENDGAME is finally ready and up� along with a special little addition, "Top Five Reasons C/7 was a BAD Idea". Go HERE for all the sighs and smiles and tears..

                  ...And monkee's "Endgame" comments prompted me to write a new drabble, "Raincheck". Sniff, sniff...
                . May 31, 2001 - I�m pleased to announce that Unicorn Press, a fanzine publisher, has incorporated some of my earlier fanfic stories into fanzine form. Want to find out more? Go to the fanzine page that will tell you all about it!

                May 26, 2001 - I've designed an entire website to "house" the completed "Picture This" series, including Shalee Stewart's wonderful title collage from her site. If you'd like to check it out, click here... enjoy!

                May 21, 2001 - I�ve come up with another little pictures, prose and music piece in honor of the finale of Voyager this week. It�s called CELEBRATE THE JOURNEY!, and I hope it leaves you many fond memories of the past seven years .

                May 18, 2001 - It's Friday, and therefore time for monkee's weekly review. See what she says about a schizophrenic hologram in "Renaissance Man" ...

                May 14, 2001 - Okay, I'll be the first to admit that some of the additions to the new Funpage #15 might be a wee teensie bit on the malicious, wicked side... but a girl has got to have some fun every once in awhile, right? ;-) Hope these help you over a 'difficult' time!

                May 11, 2001 - Here's monkee's review of "Homestead" ! (Hint: she likes it; she likes it! :-)

                May 7, 2001 - It is with great pleasure -- and a little bit a sadness -- that today I'm posting the final and concluding story of the PICTURE THIS series that I've been writing with Shalee Stewart. The Gift is a special epilogue to the series. We both hope you enjoy it... and we thank you for your support over the years.

                May 4, 2001 - So... did you or didn't you like "Natural Law"? See what monkee thinks about it -- her review is ready.

                April 29, 2001 - Yet another Funpage... this one is #14!

                April 27, 2001 - Check out all of monkee's comments about "Friendship One"!

                April 23, 2001 - I've added Funpage #13 for your (hopeful) amusement -- enjoy!

                April 20, 2001 - Up and ready for your pleasure, it's monkee's review of Author, Author!

                For those of you who are Tim Russ and/or Robert Picardo fans � each of them has a new CD out that you might want to check into! This is #2 for Tim�s songs and RP�s is a collection of his famous song parodies, benefiting his favorite charity, the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation.

                For more information on Tim�s CD, "Kushangaza", including how to order it and song snippets, click here. Ordering information for Picardo�s collection, simply called "basic bob", can be found on his official homepage.

                April 13, 2001 - New show on Voyager this week, new review from monkee! See what she thinks about Q2...

                April 9, 2001 - Well, today's the last day on Voyager's set... I'm sure it's an emotional time for the entire cast, staff and crew. In honor of the day, I've written a little doggeral -- you can catch here: "A Farewell to the Voyager Set" -- sniff, sniff!

                April 9, 2001 -- Updated the listings under "Voyager Episodes Currently Showing". I've been negigent in keeping this up to date, and promise you better service in the future. :-)

                April 2, 2001 - ADMINISTRATIVE NOTE!
                This is addressed particularly to those of you who once upon a time signed up to be on my mailing list but may not have been receiving notices lately. Over the past few months, several addresses have been "bumped" from the list because notices were bounced from the email addresses. Most of the time this is due to your having too much mail in your mailbox -- I'm quite guilty of this myself!

                Anyway... IF YOU DID NOT RECEIVE THE MOST RECENT UPDATE NOTICES (sent March 30 and April 1), you just might want to re-subscribe. In the future, when I get "bumped" email addy notices, I'll wait a few days and then notify you.You can find the ListBot enrollment info towards the bottom of this page, immediately following the "Trek Today" headlines.

                April 1, 2001 - This is no April Fool's joke, folks -- Shalee Stewart has finished "HERO'S DREAM" at long last! If you've read the first two parts of this episode of our long-running "Picture This" series, scroll down to Day 276 -- that's where part 3 begins.

                MARCH 8, 2001 - Added monkee's review of "Human Error"
                WARNING! monkee is not a happy person this week; be sure you have a fireguard on your monitor and are wearing the asbestos lined contact lenses before reading this one! ;-)

                MARCH 5, 2001 - At long last, a new story by Boz! Take a look at her episode addition for "Shattered" - it's a sure-to-please-you piece, and worth the wait!

                MARCH 3, 2001 - Added monkee's review of "Workforce, Part 2"

                MARCH 2, 2001 - Added a post-Workforce "thought-snippet", Resetting Parameters

                MARCH 1, 2001 � Well, folks, I�ve decided to make a few changes to Trekker Treats, the first one being that this "first of the month" update just doesn�t seem to be enough anymore. With that in mind, I�ll be listing updates as they occur, preceded by the date of posting. I�ll keep "items" up for a couple of weeks and then have an "archive" page where you can find featured items for several months.

                I�ve got two big announcements for today. The first is the addition of daily headlines from Trekdom via the wonderful people at Trek Today; I hope to make a daily "check" at Trekker Treats always worth your time! The first day�s topics can be found below, in the table labeled as "Trek Today Headlines". With so much changing so quickly in the Trek universe, especially as we head into the concluding days of �Voyager�, you won�t want to miss anything� and now, you won�t have to!

                Secondly, just in case you�re worried about going into "withdrawal" with the conclusion of �Voyager�, some fine folks have come up with a way to ease those pangs: A "Voyager Virtual Season 8"! You can check it all out at "Voyager Virtual Season 8"

                February 23 -- monkee's review of "Workforce, Part 1" is up and ready!

                February 18 -- The next part of Hero's Dream" is up and ready!
                (This is part 2 of a total of 3 parts... and Shalee promises that the "rest will be finished soon!"

                February 9 -- A Multi-Media Valentine's Day Treat: VOYAGER'S VALENTINES

                February 1 --

              • New Delta story: "When Altarian Cider, Chronotons and Akoonahs Collide" brings together all sorts of elements from "Shattered" (and a few other episodes!) to tickle your fancy... or whatever! (Warning: This is definitely an NC-17 story!

              • "Holma Tura" is another NC-17 story, story #4 in the "Shore Leave" series that Delta got talked into doing with that VERY wild and crazy lady, Turtlewoman.

              • Check out TEN "Quicktakes" from the episode, "Shattered". Who says J/C is dead? It sure didn't look that way in most of this episode!

              • Can't get enough of those gorgeous pictures from outer space that we're getting nowdays? Check out this new site hosted by NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center -- "Astronomy Picture of the Day. It's awesome!

              • And here are the new HST picture updates

              • Finally... here's that page for the Voyager episode listings...

              Blast back to the Home Page!