This story series, written by Delta Story and Shalee Stewart,
is inspired by the songs written by Jim Brickman
on his CD entitled

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or any others by Jim, click HERE

This AU series takes place in years 4-5 of Voyager's journey.
A plasma storm has damaged the ship irrepairably,
and the crew makes a crash landing on an M-class planet.
From here, they must start a new world ---
and new lives --- for themselves.

These stories chronicle their lives in this brave new world.

(Delta and Shalee want to thank Jim Brickman for the glorious, luscious music that inspired these stories, and especially for his 'approval' of the series.
We sincerely hope that the entire series has lived up to his on-going mission of promoting romance for everyone, wherever their journey takes them!)


1. DREAM COME TRUE by Delta (October 1997)

2. SUN, MOON AND STARS by Shalee (April 1998)

3. SOUND OF YOUR VOICE by Delta (May 1998)

4. PICTURE THIS by Delta (June 1998)

5. EDGEWATER by Shalee (July 1998)

6. YOU NEVER KNOW by Shalee (September 1998)

7. COMING HOME by Delta (November 1998)

8. FRERE JACQUES by Delta (April 1999)

9. SECRET LOVE by Shalee (July 1999)

10. FIRST STEPS by Delta (October 1999)

11. VALENTINE by Shalee (January 2000)

12. SWEET DREAMS by Delta (April 2000)

13. HERO'S DREAM by Shalee (March 2001)

14. THE GIFT*: A Special Epilogue by Delta and Shalee (May 2001)
*Although THE GIfT is not included on the PICTURE THIS CD, it can be found on several other Jim Brickman CDs, including the CD entitled THE GIFT.

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