Delta has a good cyber-friend, Boz, who resides in one of the lands "down under" -- the hidden jewel of the southern hemisphere, New Zealand. After many hilarious chat sessions in which she said she could never write stories, some "pond sisters" convinced her otherwise. I think you will agree, too, after having sampled some of her treats below, that she, like her homeland, is a rare find. PLEASE let her know what you think of her stories... so we can convince her to write some more!

She can be reached at:

Now... on to the stories...



Ten Reasons Why (PG)
The Captain keeps trying to meet Chakotay’s challenge to find ten reasons why their relationship wouldn’t work....but time is running out.

Crimson Christmas (PG)
Chakotay and Kathryn manage to take some time out to celebrate Christmas.

Good Vibrations (NC-17)
There’s a secret on the bridge....its in the Captain’s chair!

Home at Last (G)
A response to a challenge to write Voyager’s last scene. They’ve made it what?

The Queen’s in the Hive (PG)
Another last scene challenge. Not everyone is going to make it home.

Night of the Two Moons (NC-17)
Winner of a pond challenge to write a story based on the theme of "Dancing in the Dark with a Stranger". Voyager finally reaches a welcoming, peaceful planet and the crew take time out, make new friends and simply enjoy being able to get away from each other for a while.

The Fight (PG)
An extra scene for the episode of the fight. Chakotay goes back to the ring then realises that its not giving him the healing and relaxation which he expected.

Vine-Ripened Grapes (NC-17)
The Captain spends time with the one person she feels will really understand what she has gone through in the Delta Quadrant - after all, Starfleet Captains are the ones who have the final responsibility on their shoulders

Quiet Moments (PG)
Janeway takes a stroll around Voyager and recognizes what truly matters in her life -- and those of her crew.

Season Seven Surprises (PG)
Ten lovely little scenarios of what we'd LIKE to see... followed by what we'll PROBABLY see! ;-(

NEW March 5th! Shattered - An Episode Addition (R)
The last scene from "Shattered" -- done the way ANY red-blooded J/Cer would want it to be done!

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